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Artisitc Pursuits: Schoolhouse Review Crew #HSREVIEWS

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   Now God has either blessed you as a parent with an Artistic talent or not. and even if you are of Artistic nature you may not know how to teach Art to your kids. I know I am blessed to be very artsy and creative, but find it difficult to teach my boys, to me it is a natural instinct. This is where my all time favorite Art curriculum comes in to save the day. ARTistic Pursuits; THE Curriculum for Creativity. This truly is the only Art study you will need as it is your one stop shopping trip for not only the actual Art but Art History and Geography of Art as well. We were blessed to receive
Middle School 6-8 Book Two: Color and Composition, their new revised and expanded 3rd editions are ready for you to purchase and get started. We reviewed Book One last year and my boys loved it, they had been taking an Art class once a month, but complained that they were not learning anything all they were doing was copying the teacher's Art. Taylor is my Artistic one and he was very discouraged with his Art education until we found ARTistic Pursuits. I did not even tell him we were getting a chance to review book two, I just let him open the box the day it arrived and the look on his face was priceless. 

   One of the key things that I am so impressed with is, they send you the letter with the list of supplies so you can shop on your own, or if you would rather you can buy the kit that corresponds with your book choice right on their site and they send it in a nice Art bag right to your door. I was lucky enough that most of the supplies we were going to need we already had as Taylor got a huge tool box full of every Art tool you could ever want or need for Christmas. Having taken course one we knew from experience to buy good quality supplies. They make all the difference in the world. Taylor really took off with Art and drawing after course one but was looking for the next stage and he is on cloud 9 with book 2. He has really blossomed in his talents using ARTistic Pursuits and is even putting some of his Art work on display at the county fair this Summer. I am so proud of his accomplishments he truly has a gift from God. Just because you have a gift doesn't mean you do not need some sort of formal instruction.

   The book itself is a spiral bound, plentiful book, divided up into  68 lessons.The way it is bound makes it wonderful to just sit and lay open on the table and it will not frustrate the student as they work.  The uniqueness of these books is that the student picks his subject. See this was what Taylor hated about his Art class he used to attend, there they were told what to draw. Here at home with this curriculum, he can choose whatever his heart desires or God tells him to draw. This book focuses on Color and composition, Now Taylor is more or a black and white Artist, but he is starting to draw out of his comfort zone a bit, most of his work is shades of grays, he loves using his charcoals. The book is designed to have class about 3 days a week. Each unit is subdivided by several lessons, that inspects an element in depth. The color wheel is the main focus but teaches all aspects of shading and composition, and using texture. There are over 100 photos within the pages to show the student what is being taught. Some of these photos may inspire your child to start off by drawing the example or they may be like Taylor who wants to do his own work.  Middle School Book Two is geared for grades 6-8 although my 9th grader used it along with my 8th grader so that we were working on the same.

  If your student is serious about Art like my son Taylor I highly suggest using ARTistic Pursuits to help them really learn the ins and outs of drawing and Art appreciation. If you are just looking for an Art curriculum to help fulfill that void in your classroom, I highly recommend ARTistic Pursuits as your children will gain so much knowledge and true understanding of Art and its processes, and who knows it may uncover a hidden artist in your family.

  I thought I would share a tip we have, a tool box plastic or otherwise is a great way to store and organize your Art Supplies, this also makes it great for Art on the go, whether it be going to a park for landscaping or on vacation. We gave Taylor a tool box full of Art Supplies for Christmas and he was so excited. He keeps everything organized and is never looking for something because he cannot remember where he put it. We recently discovered a small art shop that is in the city just south of us and I am going to take him there next week as his supplies are dwindling from being used. I do see a difference in the way he looks at things and he is always sketching his next big project out on anything he can get his hands on, napkins in a restaurant a scrap of paper found in the car. He is looking forward to going to camp soon and being able to draw the beautiful nature and landscape that surrounds us. I thank ARTistic Pursuits for helping unlock the hidden Artist in my family, his talents and gifts amaze me daily. I am definitely ordering the High School books so that he can continue with his Artistic journey.
               Here is Taylor opening his tool box full of Art Supplies on Christmas Morning.

   ARTistic Pursuits has Art curriculum for all ages from Preschool all the way to Senior High. Each book can be used as a stand alone curriculum, meaning you did not need to complete or start book one to begin book two, I do find it helpful for our situation to start with Book One and then we moved onto Book Two. This is just my opinion and the way my boys work. If they did book two alone they would question why they did not do book one and that we should not do book two until we did book one, if you get the picture.

ARTistic Pursuits, Middle School Book Two

Color and Composition

by Brenda Ellis. Publisher: Artistic Pursuits Inc. Comb-binding, 92 pages, 68 lessons, 184 illustrations. ISBN: 978-1-939394-07-1, January 1 2013 3rd Edition

List Price $47.95



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