Sunday, March 31, 2013

Alyx has a gift

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   At 14 1/2 years old I am amazed on a daily basis how talented Alyx is when it comes to working with his hands. I love that homeschooling has allowed him to really uncover those talents and let him work on projects when the mood strikes him. Yesterday the weather was the best it has been since Fall at almost 60 and sunny it was absolutely gorgeous. We had some errands to do and ended up at JoAnns to look for some items and what should we find but the crates that were needed for a Pinterest project we were interested in doing. We have been on the search for the perfect coffee table but also in need of some extra media storage when I stumbled on a Pinterest post of a coffee table made from wood crates.
 So we embellished ours a bit by adding feet instead of casters and instead of a planter or some other dish in the center where there was a hole when finished putting the crates in order to make the square. We covered ours up with a ceramic tile and framed it with some molding and stained it a shade lighter than the table to add some depth. Now I am on the hunt for something to set on that tile in the center of our new table. I tell you what when he puts his mind to something he does not stop until it is finished. He worked the afternoon away and it was in my living room with just the mastic from the tile left to dry over night and this morning when we woke up it is all dried and we can fill the crates with books, games and movies. I absolutely love it and it is the perfect size for our living room and because it was made by my son with love I will treasure it always. I love items that have a story to go with them. I would much rather have something homemade than something just store bought that is just like everyone else's furniture. To me it makes it more homey and I just love that feel.

   Now here is what ours looks like along with some photos of the process it went through.

The final product...

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Leah C said...

Very nice! And I love it that our kids get the chance and time to try things they might not if they weren't at home.

Emilee Roberts said...

It's gorgeous! What a gift indeed! It's such a blessing that our children are able to have more hands on time to uncover these gifts!