Thursday, March 7, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge Days 5&6 (I can see the light)

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Today I am catching up with days 5&6 I am going to combine them into one post and tomorrow I will be doing two posts and will then be all caught up, have I mentioned this is why I hate starting things late? This one sounded like so much fun I just could not resist though.

SO Day 5 is all about the movies I just never get sick of watching. There are so many but I will list my top 5.

1. Courageous
3.Charlie St. Cloud
4. The Lucky One
5. Safe Haven ( I have already seen it twice)

Day 6 is an easy one as well. My most recent Random Act of Kindness... 
I have been making random dinners for our friends Eric and Jan, who are now our new neighbors, Eric is the man that Alyx befriended last year and works on cars with. They have become very good friends and are like another part of our family. Well they work long hours and then come home to work on the hotrod, they tend to not eat dinner until very late and that is usually out to eat somewhere because it is too late and they are too tired to cook. So I have been randomly 1 to 2 times a week showing up at their door with hot food so they can sit right down to eat when they get home. They are very appreciative and I love doing it. They never know when I am coming and it is easy for me to just make some extra and take down to them when we are having things like spaghetti or different casseroles. It is the very least I can do they have been very good to Alyx and our whole family.

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