Wednesday, March 6, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 4 (almost caught up)

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Today I am finishing today off with Day 4 of this challenge my goal is to be all caught up by Friday so then you will only see one post about this per day. I just do not want to get anymore behind.

So day 4 is all about My Favorite Childhood Memory... I would have to say my favorite childhood memories are our family vacations, trips down to Texas to visit family, going to Florida to visit my Grandparents in the Winter and going to Disney with friends of the family. We always drove but it was always an adventure. I took my kids on a road trip this past Fall and it was so much fun. We were gone for 3 weeks and saw so much. They want to do it again in the Fall and go somewhere entirely different. We will have to see where the road takes us. 

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