Wednesday, March 6, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 3 (still catching up)

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 Day 3 is definitely an easy one... What makes me happy? I have to say without a doubt my family but most importantly my kids. Each unique in their own personalities and I would not trade them for anything in this world.

My oldest Nick (16)  who is my typical teenager but an animal lover through and through. You will always find him close to one of the dogs. He loves music, girls and hanging out with friends.
Alyxander (14) the middle child he is a cowboy/red neck at heart, he loves camo and cowboy boots. He is very handy and loves everything there is to love about cars and knows more than I thought possible about cars.
My baby Taylor (13), he is sarcastic, lovable and very artistic. He is also a bottomless pit when it comes to food. He is a bouncing ball of energy who loves to jump on the trampoline and skateboard. He loves videogames and everything boy, bows and arrows, pellet guns and slingshots.

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