Tuesday, March 5, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 1 (playing catch up)

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   So I stumbled upon this Blog Challenge tonight and even though it started a couple days ago, I am inclined to jump in and try to play catch up. So I am going to start with Day 1 and I will add 2 each day starting tomorrow until I catch up. Feel free to join in the fun.

Day 1 is Self Portrait and 5 Random Facts about myself.
So here is my self portrait... Me and my puppy Khloe when I first got her using the webcam on my laptop.

My 5 Random things about me....

1. I used to play tennis avidly and I am going to start to play again this Spring, I have missed it so much and I look forward to teaching my kids to play.

2. I have not ridden a bike in almost 7 years, since I got sick and was eventually diagnosed with MS, I just ordered myself a new bike yesterday and it will be in by the 18th of this month, I cannot wait to get back to riding.

3. I have been heavy most of my life and this year is going to change that because for the first time I can honestly say I am determined to beat my obesity.

4. My husband and I only dated 3 months before moving in together and were married 6 months from the time we started dating.

5. I would love to move to Texas to be in a warmer climate and closer to our family and my best friend Lea. My kids would move there in a heartbeat as well. One of the things stopping me is the fear of the unknown. I need to learn to take a leap of faith once in a while and trust that God has my back.

2 thoughts shared:

Leah C said...

This is a neat challenge. And good for you for playing tennis and riding a bike again!

Emilee Roberts said...

What a fun idea!