Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Weigh in Week 6

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 Well I survived my first week of Medical Weightloss Clinic. My new weekly weigh in day is switching to Monday though for the sake of reporting purposes here on my blog since my offical first weigh in at MWC was a Monday they go Monday to Monday. I am down 2 lbs so far this week but will know my official loss for the week tomorrow. I am not hungry, in fact I feel like I am eating so much more because I actually have 3 snacks for the day as well as 3 meals. These snacks are their nutritional supplement as well as some fruit or veggies.

    My morning consists of 3/4 c. of corn flakes, 8oz skim milk, a fruit serving, and 1 egg, usually my egg is hard boiled.

  Then I have a late morning snack like their delicious cocoa or shake and maybe some cucumber slices or tomato slices.

  Lunch I get a protein such as cottage cheese, tuna or chicken and a veggie and a starch such as noodles, rice or bread.

 Late afternoon snack like their delicious banana cream pudding or granola type bar and a fruit serving.

  Dinner is another protein such as chicken, beef or turkey, another starch and veggie.

Evening snack another nutrient supplement, my favorite is their cheesecake and my last fruit serving which I love to use sliced strawberries and mix them in my cheesecake.

 I am also drinking a minimum of 72 oz of water and I can have unlimited decaf iced tea so I am a happy camper. If I want I can have a nutrient snack bar but I have only felt the need to have one once and that was because I was out running errands and it was past my lunch time.

   I have been 6 weeks without soda pop and I feel great, 2 weeks without added salt and now 1 week without added sugar.

I have been working out on the Wii, and we have been Wii bowling each night as well. I will be starting Zumba soon as well. I cannot wait until it gets nicer and I can walk outside comfortably and  camping season is right around the corner where there is water aerobics every morning and a walking group and a gym.

   Well I will be sure to check in tomorrow with my weekly weightloss.
Hope you are all feeling as good as I am and having positive results.

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