Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekly Weigh In Week 4

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 Well I am moving right along, I am feeling great and I am motivated to drop this weight. I went to weigh in yesterday and I was not sure which what I was feeling, but I was greeted by an additional -1.8 pound weightloss for the week. That brings my total so far to -7.6 pounds lost.

   This past week I cut down on added salt, this coming week I plan to eliminate the salt shaker from my table all together. I also purchased a new Wii with some of our tax money and I got wii fit and zumba for the wii. I will use these to work out until we get our approval for our scholarship for the YMCA.

  We also went to FiveBelow and I got some 1lb and 2lb hand weights, resistance bands and a Fitness ball. I also stumbled upon an armband for my ipod so I can walk the treadmill and listen to my tunes. We found some great water bottles for the family as well so we make sure we stay hydrated. I feel very positive about the direction my whole family has taken to join me on this journey and that we are all commited to this year of getting healthy so we will be healthy in the long run.

   We  have been enjoying some new things we all got with some of our income tax money, after the bills were paid of course. We always love this time of year it is like a second Christmas for us.
  I am running a Biggest Loser Challenge in a weightloss group on facebook that some of my TOS buddies are in. Today is the official start to our first week. I cannot wait to see everyone's results by the end of the week. This is going to be so much fun.

  Until Next week, keep on losing.....

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