Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

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 So this year Valentine's Day fell on an Enrich day, which is our homeschool co-op. I gave valentines to my class as well as the students in the class that I am a helper in. Then I came home to make my family a wonderful Valentine's dinner of steak, green beans and red beans and rice. We then opened V-Day presents, everyone got a Tervis tumbler, to match their uniqueness. Grama got a adorable one with pink and yellow and grey butterflies on it, she loves butterflies, they are all over the walls in her room. Nick has had his eye on one that looks like goldfish swimming in the water, Alyx got a real tree camo tumbler. Taylor just stripes as he is pretty simple, and David got a cool Detroit Red Wings one. As for myself I picked out a really cute owl one, that has owls in all different colors. I matched each of them with a whistle straw so everyone knows which one belongs to who.

  After our dinner my parents came and brought treats for us all and stayed and had dessert and chatted for a bit. It was nice to visit with everyone all together, life seems to be so busy it has been a while since we were all in the same room at one time.

  My other gift this year was the ability to begin my cross wall, I have envisioned something for the wall above our couch and when my cousin's wife posted about putting up their cross wall after moving, it came to me that is what I had envisioned I just had forgotten where I had seen it. So off to Hobby Lobby I went with my good friend Gyda, since she had to trek out that way to drop her daughter off at work anyway and we came home with the makings to create this...

  I have one more that is still packed away that I am on a mission to locate this weekend, that will go on the top right side above the big picture. It is a bluish color like the one on the left so it will balance out nicely. I look forward to adding to my collection as time goes on. So if anyone is looking to buy us a gift you can always help us add to our collection.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day and celebrated God's Love.

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Emilee Roberts said...

We had Co-Op on Valentine's Day, too! :)