Monday, February 25, 2013

The POWER of Social Media!!

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   Who knew that a week ago our lives would possibly change in a blink of an eye.  Last Monday being President's Day my Nick, my oldest son was home from school, my middle
son Alyx and I went to run a quick (gone and back in 20 minutes) errand. Upon our return we found Nick standing on the driveway distraught. I asked what was wrong and he said I cannot find Khloe(our little dog), I said what do you mean you cannot find her? He said he let her out in the yard, and a few minutes later went to let her in and she was not there. My heart sank. I immediately dispersed the children in different directions to begin searching for her, called my parents who were in the area on their own errands to look by car and I went up and down the street yelling her name, and becoming more panic stricken by the second. I spoke to several of our neighbors and kept searching. I then kicked into another direction and went internet bound. While on the phone calling the police, animal control and the local animal hospital that takes in strays for our city.
    I then immediately posted to facebook, her photo and her information. Now remember we just moved and I had not changed their tags yet, as we do not take them anywhere and Khloe usually is not out of site. So I sent Taylor down and around the corner to our old house with a note explaining what happened and that we had not changed her tag to our new address yet, this way if anyone showed up there, she had my cell phone number and new address.  I shared the story I had posted on my personal facebook page on our city's facebook page as well as the page of our local Patch news, I was then directed to For the Love of Louie Lost Pet Looker's who then shared the post to our local dog park and them and myself posted the all the local businesses pages on FB as well. I was sick with worry my poor little 5 lb baby was lost and possibly worse hurt or been killed by a car.

   The post was shared over 250 times in the matter of a few hours and all I could do was wait and hope and most of all PRAY! My kids were upset, my husband came home from work and we had to tell him, he was devastated. That dog has become his best friend and he was crying non stop for hours. My husband is mentally challenged and has extreme anxiety. This was the last thing we needed.

   That night around 10 PM I get a call from a lady named Michelle, she says are you Khloe's Mommy? My heart skipped a beat as I said yes. She explained that she had seen our post on a friend of hers facebook and realized where Khloe belonged. Story ends on happy note? Not yet. She explained that she found Khloe under a co workers car at work a few blocks over, they brought her in and could not read her tags as they were too scratched up, khloe likes to scratch at them. They then called Detroit Dog Rescue and they came and picked her up and they assured her they would try to find Khloe's owners(us.)  I called DDR at 10:30PM and left a message, posted on their FB page and emailed them and messaged them through FB. I wanted my baby back and I wanted her now. I was relieved to know she was safe but that was not good enough.

  The lady that handles the intakes for DDR called me back after the got the FB message, and she assured me they did not have her, they had no small dogs at all. My heart sank once again and I broke into tears. I called the lady that found her back and asked what the man's name was that picked her up and what he was driving. She gave me the info and I called DDR back. She tried to call the man and his phone was off for the night, by now it was 11 PM. She told me to rest knowing that Khloe was safe and they would call first thing in the morning. Sleep I did not I longed for my cuddle bug all night. In the morning by 9:15 AM I still had not heard anything. I texted the lady from DDR back and asked if there was any news? She said that Rodney the man that picked Khloe up from Michelle would be calling any minute but would not tell me if he indeed had her. Talk about heart attack and stress. A few moments later a man called and asked if I was looking for my dog, asked what her name was what she looked like and If I could text him a photo to prove I was the owner. I did instantly he said I will have her to you in 20 minutes. Oh my gosh I instantly started sobbing in relief. I waited by the door in anticipation... As soon as he drove up Khloe was on his lap and excited he knew she was home..... He brought her to the door and she jumped into my arms, I never wanted to let her go again. He explained that he took her home and was going to return in the morning to where she was found and post a found sign. He is a large black man and the image of him saying that he let my little baby sleep with him and that she cuddled with him made me chuckle. He seemed very tough yet definitely had a soft heart for my baby. He praised us for how well mannered she was and that he gave her a bath since she was dirty from hiding under the car. He told me if we ever needed anything for either of our dogs do not hesitate to call.

  We realized there was some places in our fence in our backyard that khloe could push through. The morning Khloe was returned my Dad and Alyx spent 2 hours sealing up all of the access points. Khloe can now be safe in her yard. Although I think it may take some time before we are comfortable just letting her out and not being with her.

   I have to praise the power of social media, we would have probably gotten Khloe back eventually  but I believe because of Facebook we had her back in less that 24 hours. Michelle called back the afternoon we got her back to make sure she was home safe and sound and I thanked her over and over again for finding her and making sure she stayed safe. The next time someone says facebook is only for evil, remember this story and the stories of prayer groups on FB that have saved many people through the power of social media and prayer.

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Lisa Marie Fletcher said...

Oh man, I'm so glad she's back! What a doll!

You are right - social media has connected so many people in such a unique way, I'm sure it has helped so many people!

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness - I am SO GLAD to hear your baby is back. And that FB was such a wonderful resource. You are right...it is not only evil - there is much good in social media. Hugs to you and your family and your special pup.

Emilee Roberts said...

Wow, I'm so glad you got her back!!