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Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Apologia Science Schoolhouse Review

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   I am happy to be back in the swing of things and am here today with my first review of the new year   as a crew member of The Schoolhouse Review Crew. I am one of many bloggers chosen to review homeschool curriculum and other family friendly items through The Old Schoolhouse magazine. I will be bringing you more reviews at a steady pace as we are now in full throttle on our cruise voyage for the 2013 year, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

    I was so excited when I was chosen for this particular review, we are big fans of Apologia Education Ministries, last year you may remember several reviews we brought to you for their world view curriculum. This time we were chosen to review one of their Science curriculum,  Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology. My kids flip over Science, me not as much so I was so relieved to be able to use this curriculum, as Apologia always makes it so easy to teach my kids by following their textbooks along with my kids.  We were sent the following items so we could dive into our new studies, The Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Text book $39, Notebooking Journal $24, and the MP3 CD $29. Now for the younger kids there is a Junior Notebooking Journal  $24, we did not receive this as my kids are older and this would have not been appropriate for our family.

   Now let me start off by saying the recommended age guidelines for this are 4-6 grade with the standard notebooking journal meant for 3-6 grade and the junior notebooking for K-2. Now what a love about Apologia is that most of their curriculum choices can be adapted or shared with students on both sides of their recommended age range, which leads me to where I am today. My boys this year are in 8 and 9th grade respectively, but I did not even hesitate for a moment on asking for this curriculum to review because I knew there would be plenty for my boys to do. The standard notebooking journal for instance challenged my boys who are lacking in the writing area, as there was much writing to do in the journal. Now if you know your student is not a huge proponent of writing, you may lean towards the junior version as there is more pictures and less writing. For us we need to get the boys up to grade level for writing so I knew we would stick with the standard choice. The Text book has beautifully illustrated pages and explores anatomy and physiology from a creation standpoint which is very important to me and my kids.

   The CD Rom is an invaluable tool as the author, Jeannie
Fulbright reads through the complete course, this is helpful for auditory learners, and special needs children that might have difficulty keeping up with the reading of the text, we also enjoy listening to it as we ride along in the car. It is important to know as this is an MP3 CD you need to use a compatible device and not just a standard CD player, also you can play it in a computer disc drive as well.
Human Anatomy and Physiology MP3 Audio CD

   Through the course you will learn about parts of the body and their distinct function and you will be taught why God made us the way he did. There are bible verses that correlate to the study of the chapter you are working on, this is a great way to tie Bible into your Science. We used the verses from our Science chapters as our key verses for that week's Bible lessons. I also incorporated key words like Anatomy and Physiology for instance into our spelling and used up words from our Science studies to make up the boys spelling lists for the week. This helps burn the words they are learning into those wonderful brains of theirs. This has always been helpful to me using Apologia, we did the same thing when we are using their world view curriculum, it helps the boys to grasp what they are learning when they are putting extra effort into studying the spelling and meaning of key words in a certain subject we are learning.

    There is even some history thrown in for good measure as well, it tells the science aspect like for instance Egyptians and mummies. There was a lab that asked us to use and apple, table salt, Epsom salt, and baking soda to test the theory of mummification. The boys loved turning the apples into mummies. They even tried it out on other fruits and vegetables as well, such as potatoes and bananas to see if they all worked the same. I won't give you the conclusion in case you would like to try this out yourselves, I would not want to be a spoiler.

    Most of the labs use household items that you may have already on hand or are easily attainable and not too pricy, one investment you may want to make is in the blood typing kit, this is available from Apologia for  $14. I am going to be ordering this soon as my kids find things like this very interesting. The other small things you may want to invest in are petri dishes, you can find these at any teacher's store or online, I was lucky to come across these and beakers and droppers and such at Target in their dollar spot last summer and I snatched them up knowing we were going to be getting into biology and such in the coming months. I am always on the lookout for ways to save money on our accessories to make our curriculum a fun learning atmosphere. You may also want to invest in a microscope although these hints are not mandatory I do highly recommend them to make your Science class the best it can be.

     We are continuing on with Exploring Creation and Human Anatomy and Physiology as we are having so much fun exploring the make up of our bodies and minds. We have been having a blast learning how God made us each so unique and how each component of our bodies has been designed with the most utmost of detail so that we can all be as healthy as possible.

   If this sounds like something your family would enjoy, I highly recommend looking into this curriculum for your next Science subject, and if you are curious of what other Science offerings Apologia has be sure to check out their website as you will find everything from this to Zoology and all that comes in between.

    Also do not forget to check out the reviews from all of my fellow Schoolhouse Review Crew friends, as many of us received different topics to review, this way you can get a feel for what other offerings Apologia has for you.

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Under the Sky said...

Thanks for your review! I appreciate the time and effort you devoted to this.

I have to ask - were you able to mummify the banana? LOL

Great job!

Leah C said...

Good review! We did Zoology, but this one looks good also!