Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weekly Weigh In Week 2 .......

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   Well I ended up weighing in a week early this week, last week weigh in was also our first week back at Enrich, our homeschool co-op, this made for a hectic morning. I only weighed in and did not stay for the meeting. That is half the process, attending the meeting right? So I had some money this week left even though tomorrow is pay day which for us is a small miracle. I was so glad I did though because at today's meeting Florine THE Weight Watcher's lady sent her personal Chef Isabella, and she cooked for us and gave us some recipes and we got to sample Blood Orange Salsa over a cube of feta cheese, I was not fond of it even though I love Feta but I tried it and that is all that matters. I tell my kids that all the time.

     I continued on with my journey to end my Coke addiction and even though there was some times of stress or being in a car and passing by McD I did not cave, not once. I turned to alternatives like the new A&W 10 and 7-Up 10 which are only 10 calories for a 12 oz can. I received them in my Resolutions Crave box this past week. I really liked them but I cannot find them locally which is driving me nuts. Don't you hate when you try something or see a commercial and then cannot find it again or at all. It makes me want to scream. I have been back to drinking decaf coffee and I have been brewing decaf iced tea with artificial sweetener. I made up some lowfat ranch dip and have been having veggies and dip every night. I also love my skinny cow shakes even though they are 5 points. I do have one every other night at bedtime.

  So what did all of this progress get me? I lost an additional 1.3 pounds. So one more marble added to my pounds lost jar. At first I admit I was a little upset since I had such a big loss last week, but I shrugged it off a loss is a loss and you can't have big numbers at the scale every week. There is always next week. I am going to try and exercise as much as my body will allow, with my MS I tend to get overheated and the cold and I do not get along so walking outside is out. So we will see what happens next week. I am going to add 2 15 minute workouts of some kind this week and work up from there.

                                     So my total for this week is -1.3 lbs and
                            Total so far is -4.6lbs and there are 4 less marbles in my pounds to lose jar.

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