Monday, January 7, 2013

Score!! Couponing is so much fun!

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Alyx and I have quickly become addicted to the rush we feel when we come across and extreme deal due to sales and coupons either separately or combined. My newest deal I have been on the lookout for recently is dishwasher tabs for our dishwasher in our new house. 

Here is what we scored on our couponing expeditions last night and today. 10 tubes of colgate toothpaste. 10 colgate toothbrushes, 15 boxes of finish dishwasher tabs, 3 bottles of glade disinfectant spray, 1 can of lysol, 2 downy unstoppables, 1 purex crystals and 10 protein bars. Total out of pocket $8.00

The protein bars are not pictured, there was a coupon in yesterdays paper to get 1 free no additional purchase. We bought 10 papers so that is how we get 10 of everything. Colgate toothbrushes and toothpast are on sale 10 for 10 at Kroger and the coupons were for .75 off making them each a quarter. The disinfectant sprays, finish tabs and downy and purex were all in the clearance aisle for 75% off at CVS I used 10 $2.15 off coupons for the finish in several transactions and the overage went towards the extra finish that I did not have a coupon for I had a $10 extra bucks from last weeks P&G promotion that I used for everything else.

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