Thursday, January 3, 2013

Being Frugal is so much fun!

Pin It Now! I pride myself on cutting expenses by buying things on clearance and using coupons, thrift store shopping and even curb shopping(aka garbage picking).  This week has been especially fruitful for us as we scored some Purex ultra packs on sale half off so we only paid $2.84 for a pack of 26. I only got 4 of them, I went to another Kroger today and they were no longer on sale :( at least we got the ones we did.

     We also always do after holiday shopping, and Christmas is my favorite. We shopped at Lowe's, Target, Kmart and Home Depot today and grabbed some bargains since it was all 75% off. Lights for outside for only $3 for a set of nets and the same for icicles.  Pathway markers for only $4, and ornaments for less than $1.50. My absolute favorite deal was my Jim Shore Nativity that is nearly 2 ft tall and was normally over $45 I got it for less than $10 with the sale price and my 10% off coupon that I got in the mail from the post office when we moved and changed our address. I try to collect one large piece of Jim Shore each year, a plate, or a statue of some sort and always a dated ornament.

    We are looking forward to Hallmark marking things down as we always snag a large bag of ornaments for  the next year.

 This year and last was especially important to us as we are rebuilding our Christmas decorations after we lost all of ours in our garage fire 2 summers ago. I think with what we got this year and last year Next Christmas will begin looking normal decorations wise.

    What do you do to be frugal?

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