Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our New House

Pin It Now!   Well we did it, we agreed to sell our house and move in 2 weeks from start to finish, after breaking down several times and getting 2 storage units to relieve some of my stress, we did it. We finally got the keys to our new house at 10:30 pm on November 30th and we had to be out of our old house on December 1st at 3PM. What a whirlwind. We just got our internet hooked up today after procrastinating. It feels good to be back online and not just from my phone. Speaking of which our phone service is almost non existent, we also broke down and got a home phone once again as well. It is getting pretty cold here to stand on the front porch to talk on the phone.
     Here are some pictures of our new house it is about 75% complete the way we want it, we have some boxes to still get out of storage and some miscellaneous items like our outdoor fireplace. We have been going and filling the van once a day to the roof. Tomorrow hoping to do 2 and then maybe 2 on Friday and we should be just about done. I cannot wait.
     I will post the rest of the pics over the weekend as we complete the classroom and paint the half bath and  finish the art area. We all love the new house and it was so worth the pain and exhaustion.

                                                   Khloe wanted to make sure we were not leaving her behind.
                                              Moving day has finally arrived, the boys were such a big help.
               Boxes, Boxes and more boxes, they were everywhere there was no where to sit or even stand up.

            David and Alyx are ready to call it quits for the day too bad it is 10 PM and we had not even got the keys yet.
                                Our main bathroom, I am obsessed with owls so I could not resist.

                                                  Kitchen complete with dishwasher and many cabinets.
                                               We are doing a cafe/coffee theme in the kitchen

Grandma's Room 
                   Alyx and Taylor's Room started off lavender, that did not last long, new manly color coming up.
                                                 Look how awesome it turned out.
                                                I love how it all came together, it is such a teen looking room.

The basement and this is going to be our new classroom, we just started bringing the school boxes over this week and it should be done by tomorrow. It is such a blessing that this all happened on our normal Christmas break or I think I would have lost my mind. The boys are excited to get back to school on January 7th this year.

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laura said...

Jenn, the house looks great! Congrats! I hope you love it.