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2012 has been a Rollercoaster ride for us.

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This last year, 2012 has been a roller-coaster ride of sorts for our family. Life is usually full of ups and downs but this past year has been unusually stressful and exciting for our family, piggy backing 2011 which was also chaotic. From sickness, camping and road trips to a short notice move just before Christmas, 2012 was exciting in all ways to say the least. Let me take you for a stroll down the memory lane of 2012.

   January 2012
We decided for our income tax refund this year we would take a good chunk of it and purchase a used camper and join the campground my parents belong to up in Davison,MI. We prayed about it and set an amount and a list of criteria the camper was to have and if it was God's will, it would come to us. We searched craigslist everyday for almost 2 weeks and suddenly it was there and it had all we wanted and under our price range. We were sent photos, it was about an hour from us and we wanted to be sure before we spent wasted gas and time on a trip for nothing. We purchased it basically over the web and set a date to make the trek. We would pick it up the first weekend in February and transfer it to the campground for storage. My kids were super excited.  We then set up a day to go to the campground and sign all of the necessary paperwork to join. It was official we now were members of the camp resort and we were ready to camp.  I also had a small accident while taking my Mom to the Dr one day and I slipped in the parking lot and broke my foot. 6 weeks in a cast and cam walker and I am good as new.

  February 2012
We made the trek to Port Huron on February 4 to pick up our camper and transport it to the campground, we had decided to winter camp so we were going to be picking a site and setting up the camper for the rest of the winter, we winter camped the following weekend for the first time, it was nothing short of obnoxious, the furnace would not work right, and being far from the bathhouse stunk, but I kept a smile on my face for the kids sake.  I even splurged and took the kids to Frankenmuth for dinner one night just to get out and do something.

  March 2012
The first weekend in March we made another trip to the camper this time to not only camp, but get the furnace fixed and to meet someone who was interested in purchasing the specialized tow hitch that came with the camper that we did not need, we sold it for quite a bit of money so it was to be worth the trip. Little did we know that the first night we were there in the middle of the night a wind storm would hit, causing 70 mph winds and we would suffer $4000 of devastating damage to our camper we had had nearly one month. Scary is to put it mildly, we were all petrified. We ended up spending most of the night in our big van, since the jacks on the camper were so badly damaged. At least we were safe. God protected us and we made it through the night with no injuries.
   Our insurance company was awesome though and put the kids and I in a cabin for the remainder of our stay until the adjustor could come out on Monday. So Saturday afternoon through Monday we stayed in an awesome cabin, then met with the adjustor on Monday who then made arrangements for our poor camper to be towed for repairs. The repairs took 3 weeks and we did not get it back until March 29.

   Right after we turned home on the 7th of March, within a couple days Dave was hospitalized yet again, and spent another week in the hospital. We had just recovered financially from the last round of missed work and hospital stays, I was feeling very defeated at this point. He was released a week after he was admitted but would not be able to return to work for a couple more weeks. At the end of the month the Saturday before we were to leave for our first two week camping trip, I was awoken by screams from the children, Alyx was hurt. My heart raced and ran down the stairs yelling to awaken Dave. I came down the stairs to what looked like a scene from a movie, blood splattered everywhere and Alyx standing in the kitchen shock setting in and blood spouting from his hand. I quickly grabbed a cold damp towel and wrapped his hand and applied pressure. Nothing I was doing was helping, I enlisted Nick's help and off to the ER we went. My son had managed to almost sever his thumb off with his pocket knife, he used it to open the package to his new fishing pole and the knife slipped. 12 stitches later and he was all set to go home but we needed to the hand surgeon the next morning. That resulted in a splint and return visits scheduled to see if he would indeed need surgery to repair the tendon he had severed.

 My faith dwindled a bit, why was God letting this all happen to us?

  April 2012
   Camping season was getting underway and the boys and I spent our first two weeks at camp with my parents. They were having a blast and it was a welcome change of pace from what we were dealing with at home with Dave and his sickness. The boys seem so at peace at camp. Taylor was a little hesitant about sleeping the first couple nights since our last time in the camper was the storm, but he quickly got over it.
   We celebrated Easter when we returned from camp and finished up the Spring session of our co-op. We also got Alyx's stitiches out of his hand and received good news! No surgery or PT needed. It was a miracle and the doctor repeatedly told Alyx how lucky he truly was. Thank You GOD!

   May 2012
Camping, camping and more camping. We also celebrated my birthday and Mother's Day and My Dad's birthday. We had fun spending the Memorial Day holiday up at camp.

  June 2012
We celebrated Dave's birthday, Father's Day and the end of Nick's school year. Nick started Driver's training the week after school ended. Dave and I celebrated our 17th anniversary on the 24th and We had a small party for Grandma as we rejoiced and celebrated her 92nd birthday. June was definitely an up month for us and life was good. We spent the whole month in celebration.

   July 2012
  We camped for 4th of July and enjoyed the fireworks spectacular that the resort puts on for its members. It was truly breathtaking.
  I decided to treat myself for all that I had endured the first half of the year and bought myself a puppy, just for me. A little purse puppy as the kids call her that I could take to camp and cuddle. So we added Khloe to our already full zoo.
   Alyx turned 14 on the 20th and we had a small get together with camping friends while at camp.
Nick also received his driving permit, he was now legally allowed to drive with a licensed adult present.

    August 2012

  We began school shopping for the new school year, and  I participated in a Not back to School blog hop with the Schoolhouse Review Crew. The camping season was winding down and we were looking forward to the campground being somewhat deserted again. The chaos of the Summer buzz was wearing on me, I wanted calm and tranquil back and soon.

    September 2012
The school year officially began, Nick was starting school as a Junior at the local public high school and we were starting our official year of homeschool for the 4th year.
Alyx would be a High School Freshman this year and Taylor an 8th grader in his last year of middle school.
We started a new year at our co-op as well, the boys taking some fun enrichment classes and myself teaching 2 classes. We truly enjoy the interaction with our homeschool friends.
  We also enjoyed our last 2 weeks of camping after everyone else returned to school. We enjoy doing our schoolwork out at the picnic table while enjoying the view of the lake.
We also decided that we would take a roadtrip with my Mom and travel down to Texas. The younger boys had never so much as been past Indiana so this would be a trip of a lifetime for them.
  We came home and made our plans for our trip. We were set to leave on September 28th.

  October 2012
We were on our roadtrip journey, we had started out in Michigan and headed to Kentucky to the Creation Museum, then onto Missouri where we spent the day in Branson, enjoying the Duck tour, The Titanic Museum and the wax house with a fun lunch at a local hotspot. We left there and headed to Texas where we stopped to see my friend Lea and her twin girls who were going to be celebrating their 2nd birthday, we had lunch and gave the girls their presents. We then made our way to Willis to stay with my Aunt. We spent 9 days in Texas, the boys got to play Bingo, meet their cousins and see the Houston Space Center. We also traveled a bit south and stayed at the beach. my aunt has a condo in Galveston and the boys loved their first trip to the ocean and even got a chance to play for a bit in the salty water.
  We then made our way homeward stopping to visit some of my TOS friends in Mississippi and had dinner with them and their kids. We then traveled towards North Carolina for our few days we were to spend in the mountains with my Dad's Cousins. On our way to them we stopped and learned about the swamp in Louisiana and traveled through Tennessee. We arrived in NC late at night and let me tell you it was a little bit unnerving traveling the skinny, winding roads all the way up the mountain. The boys went to bed and were excited when day came the next morning so that they could explore. There were chickens to help with, a quad to ride and dogs to play with. We also went to an authentic BBQ house and the boys enjoyed every finger lickin bit of it.
  After 3 days we began our journey home and stopped briefly in Kentucky to visit the original KFC , had lunch and toured the museum. We plugged our way home and made it home safe on the 17th of October. I know it is a trip none of us will ever forget. They are already plotting our next road trip to Washington DC.

  November 2012
We had a quiet first two weeks and I also participated in the 30 day Gratitude Challenge which proved to be very humbling.  We celebrated Taylor's 13th birthday on the 8th, WOW! I am now the mom of 3 teenagers. Then on the 15th I awoke to a phone call asking if I would take cash for our keys to our house from the man I had our land contract through. I was startled but he knew we wanted out from our house so that when Nick graduated in June 2014 we can move to the country. The kicker was we had to be out in 2 weeks or the offer was to be revoked. I told them I needed a day to process all of the information and after praying all day I realized this was indeed part of God's plan. An answer to my prayers about being stuck in the city. So I got busy looking for a rental house to see if this was even feasible. I found one and set up an appt. the next day to look at it. On Sunday I looked at the house and we loved it and we were offered the house on the spot. The great thing is it was only 1 block over from our current house and it had an extra bathroom, and more kitchen cupboards and a dishwasher. This was better than perfect, the basement was also semi finished and the backyard was 2x the size of our current yard. It also was not on a corner and seemed to have nice neighbors. God does provide. My faith has been on a path to restoration for a few months and this just sealed it for me. When you turn to go he does provide for you and your family. So I made the call that we had a deal we would move by the 1st of December. The only test would be that we could not get the keys to the new house until the 1st. I caved and got two storage units and we just ended up moving boxes and things to storage so all we had left was the main things the day we were to move. Our storage units each came with a day rental of a moving truck and all in all I only spent $62 for 2 large units for a month and 2 days of a moving truck. This was a God thing too.
  We ended up getting our keys the night before the 1st, GOD is good. We were out of our old house by 3 PM with our check in hand and settling into our new house. What a relief.

   December 2012
  The beginning of the month was a ton of work, unpacking and moving things from storage. The 4th of the month we celebrated Nick's 16th Birthday. He wanted to go to his favorite Italian restaurant for his birthday out in Chesterfield. Do you know what he wanted for his birthday? An electric razor. Am I really old enough to have children that are shaving. Yikes!  We got ready for the Christmas Holiday and we purchased our first live tree. This is a year of new traditions. It was actually pretty enjoyable. We decorated the new house and settled in and have enjoyed having company over and really like entertaining here. We had my parents over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day morning for breakfast and dinner. The holiday was perfect. The kids opened all of their presents on Christmas Eve so that we could focus on the true meaning of Christmas Day. The birth of Jesus!

   The day after Christmas turned the mood in the not so joyous direction. I went to wake my grandma like I do every morning and she was not real with it. I ended up calling an ambulance and we rushed her to the ER. Turns out she had a UTI and in elderly people it causes some wild symptoms. She spent Wednesday to Friday Morning in the hospital on IV antibiotics and she is back home good as new ready to bring on the 2013. What a wild ride 2012 has been I am glad you were all there to take the ride with us. We could not have done it without the help of our close friends and family. We look forward to what God has in store for us in 2013. One blessing we know of already is that we were asked back for another year on the Schoolhouse Review Crew, we were blessed beyond belief in 2012 from all that we received as part of the crew and look forward to see what is bestowed upon us this year.  2013 is full of many more milestones to come. Alyx will begin driver's training this spring and Nick will begin his Senior year of High School and begin applying for college. Taylor will begin High School. Only God knows what else is in store for us and I ask that you sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride as we coast through 2013 and experience all life throws at us on our ride.


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