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Recon Schoolhouse Review 2012

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       God surely knows what is on your heart and shows himself in our hour of need. I have been praying hard lately asking God to show my oldest what he has in store for him as he finishes up his last year and a half of High School and (gulp) moves onto College. I want him to be prepared to face those that do not see the world in the way our family does. Well as always God came through and presented me with the opportunity to review Recon. Schoolhouse Review Crew members were sent the Student Workbook and the Teacher's Manual.

        Recon is not meant as a work alone curriculum, it is intended for a small group Bible study atmosphere or a homeschool Bible study and I think would make a great homeschool co-op class. The curriculum is geared towards 11th and 12th graders and some 10th graders if the parent or teacher thinks they have the maturity level for it, this curriculum is INTENSE. I have often worried about the fact that we made the conscious decision to leave our oldest son in public school, it is something that lays on my heart often and is in many conversations that God and I have with each other. We strive to have a biblical worldview here in our home and homeschool, but struggle with the view on life that Nick is being shown while in public school everyday. Now do not get me wrong I know my son knows where his heart is, but it is often hard to stand up for yourself and your beliefs when faced against a completely different view and if you have fear of repercussions for speaking your Faith.  I am hopeful that he will always stand up for his beliefs but know that he needs to be equipped to be able to do so purposefully and proud.

       Often some of his friends are seen hanging out here, and I wonder sometimes why, one time I had one of his friends sit and chat with me about being a Christian and this particular individual stated to me that she wants to have Faith but her family does not believe. She stated that it was her relationship with our family that prompted her to seek God as her savior. What a powerful statement! There are teens out there that are lost and want to be found, but who can help them? Every Christian can and with Recon's help we can equip our youth who are moving through life and onto college to be trained and ready for battle, to help bring other's to Christ.

     Recon is a 72 lesson Bible course that helps equip our youth as they move through the last of their teen years and into adulthood and college. So that they may join forces with other Christians on campus to help spread the word and truths of God. Recon is set up in a way that shows the teens that they need to join forces with each other because there is strength in numbers. My son and a few of his friends have been sitting down with me on a weekly basis and powering through this curriculum. Set to be completed at a minimum of 2 lessons per week, but up to 4 lessons per week. We chose to do the 2 lessons as the kids have their other after school activities and some work as well. I did not want them to feel overwhelmed, I wanted them to crave more and want to finish the lessons.

   The recon curriculum is made up of a Teacher's Manual that is a 448 page spiral bound book, this sells for $21.95 and includes the workbook pages so you can go right along with your students as they fill out the worksheets. The Student workbook is a 173 page spiral bound fill in the blank style book that sells for $12.99.  There is so much packed into this material for such a nominal price. The affordability is a factor I appreciate, something as important as Recon, it needs to be affordable so that it is feasible for families to get it into the hands of their teens and not break the bank.  The books are printed in a manner that reminds us of a soldier going off to battle, it also has the feel of a video game that the teens play so it hits home for them.

  The Teacher's manual carefully lays out all of the lessons for you, teaching you so you may teach your students with no guess work involved. It is prepared in a manner that is easy for the kids to understand so they can thoughtfully and thoroughly complete their work. The Student workbook has worksheets that the student is required to fill out and some are meant to be group work and others as "homework", these are meant to be done on their own for some reflection time.   Recon is meant to be a model for college bound students so they can begin or join in a campus ministry. Built in a way that will teach them to defend their Faith and Spread their Faith. Recon is an intense program that will build your child up spiritually and prepare them from the views of the world when they are out on their own and want to stand up for their GOD.


The sample paged below give you a feel for the types of work the students are asked to complete, now when I say they are intense that is not meant in a bad way, they are fulfilling and thought provoking, but require effort and the want to complete the program.


      The students in our group were a mixture of "saved" and wanting to be "saved" to just curious about the "hype" of being a Christian. I am proud to say that at about a 1/4 of the way through the program all 6 of them are in the "saved" category. This program has a profound effect on the youth and their mentor that is traveling the road of Recon with them. I am ashamed to admit that I often found myself not always being Brave and standing up for my faith and it is because recently when I did, I lost several friends because of it. I have since learned that they were not the kind of friends that I want to have in my life or around my family. I also have come to realize that their ignorance is just a sign that they are lost. I am confident and hopeful in time as they continue their journey that they will be impacted by my stand against the dark side and they will find Faith and God themselves. I want to continue with the my son and the students in our group and continue to be Brave and stand up for our Faith. Not to be worried if we will offend a non believer and to know that the outcome is not always immediate but that they one day may run into that person that stood before and know that in the end their life was changed.

    By completing the Recon study, when finished the student may go on the Recon website and search by college for other Recon graduates in hopes to connect and continue to Stand Proud in the word of the Lord and Spread the news to others. Recon is a mighty powerful tool that in the hands of our Brave youth who are prepared for Battle they can be the victor and help show others the way to the light of GOD by showing the short Message of the Bible

          About the Founder
Recon is the first application of a generational model for college ministry conceived and developed by Bill Perry. Bill is Chief of Staff and Director of Training Materials for InterFACE Ministries (HQ: Atlanta, GA. For more info, see www.iface.org). 

Bill has been married to Jenni since 1980. They have 7 kids and an ever-increasing number of grandchildren. They homeschooled all their kids from Day 1. Bill has written many books (see the Recon store), which are in over 60 countries. He also co-founded one of CareNet’s most successful crisis pregnancy center ministries in Broward County, Florida.


     My hopes in continuing this curriculum with Nick and his friends is that they will feel confident as they finish their time in High School and move onto college. That they will be secure in their Faith and want to share it with others and stand up for their Beliefs and be ready to battle those that do not agree. I am so thankful to God for the help he has shown as we go through this study each week. Please visit the Recon website and learn more and also be sure to click on the banner below to see what other Schoolhouse Review Crew members are saying about Recon.


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