Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gratitude Challenge 2012 Day 3

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                 Today is day 3 and today I am thankful to be a homeowner, mortgage and all. I am appreciative of the long journey it took for us to become homeowners, but am grateful for the path we took as we met many people along the way that we would have otherwise not met by moving where we did and when. Some we are still friends with and others were merely a person placed in our life for a season but were purposeful in our life at the time. I am grateful for the path God is continuing to lead us on and for that I am hopeful to not only be homeowners again in 2014 but land owners as well. When Nick graduates we will be taking the boys and moving to a few acres in the country about an hour and a half from where we have always lived. It will be a huge change but God is laying it on our hearts to do so. I am grateful for my Faith and the ability to listen to God's prompting.

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