Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gratitude Challenge 2012 Day 21

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  Day 21 and tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day....

     Today I am grateful for all that we have accomplished in packing to move so far, we have finished the living room, which included both curio cabinets full of Cherished Teddies, Snow Globes and assorted knick knacks. The Kitchen is done except for our essentials and food. The bathroom has been done except the medicine cabinet. The hall closets are both cleaned out except for towels and coats. The boys are working on their room and we will hopefully be all packed up by Monday. I have also made all of the calls to transfer the  utilities and have our dish installed at the new house next Saturday the 1st of December. We are hoping to get the keys early. Keeping our fingers crossed. Today I went shopping with my Mom for some new things for the new house, We finally graduated to non plastic dishes LOL. We got 3 sets of Corelle dishes and some new dish towels, and wash cloths and  new placemats for the kitchen, our new theme is Coffee Cafe' It is really cute. I also found a great deal on an 8 qt Crock Pot. Kohls had them on sale plus my Mom had a 20% off so I got it for $28 what a Steal. We still need to get some new silverware, I do not know where our silverware disappears to all the time, and some new glasses and a rug for the kitchen.

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