Monday, November 19, 2012

Gratitude Challenge 2012 Day 19

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  Today is day 19 and only a few days left until Thanksgiving, today I am thankful for quite a bit, I am first off grateful that the signing of the papers on our new home was taken care of today and I can rest a little easier tonight knowing we have secured a new home. I am thankful for friends that step up to help in our time of need, a friend for picking up, driving and dropping my kids off back at home for a field trip today for our co-op. Another friend who just plain lends a listening ear and is a great sounding board for my screams and meltdowns. A third friend who dropped off many boxes for us to be able to start packing. Others who have offered to help us move and offered trucks and trailers. I am so grateful for all of these great folks we are blessed to call friends. I am blessed even when I feel distressed. GOD is GOOD

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