Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gratitude Challenge 2012 Day 13

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 Goodness today has gotten away from, I almost forgot to post my Gratitude Challenge for Day 13....
SO here it is...
  Today I am grateful for being a blogger, my blog has brought me countless blessings and today was no exception. Upon my doorstep was a care package from Activision and Target from the Activision Family Game Summit. I was so blown away by its contents it brought me to tears. I pretty much have Taylor's Entire Christmas taken care of with this single box. Chock full of video games for X-box 360 and Nintendo 3DS. He does not have a DS as of right now but I will try my hardest to make one happen since he now has 5 games to go with it. Holy COW! I also got a Target gift card I can use for stocking stuffers from their Dollar Spot and an adorable stuffed Angry Bird and some other small trinkets and a cute ESRB keychain just for me. Thank You so much for making this Momma have some burden taken off her shoulders as Christmas was looking very lean until today. God truly does provide when we least expect it. I am waiting on some pitches that I sent out a couple days ago that will hopefully come through so that I can worry a little less with the bigger boys. We do focus on the true meaning of Christmas but it is nice to have presents under the tree nonetheless.

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