Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gratitude Challenge 2012 Day 10

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    Today I am grateful for our bowling league, it is through the church we started to go to when we first moved here and although we do not go to the church anymore, we are still friends with many people who do. Our bowling league was something we got involved in when we first found the church and is how I met my best friend Gyda. We only have 4 teams of 4 but it is fun and full of fellowship and healthy competition. It serves as a great date night out for my hubby and I. No matter how stressful of a week I have I always can count on the folks at bowling to help me have fun and forget my worries. Some nights I even bowl good LOL. My average is only 92 but last night I bowled a 123, 117 and 107. I even got my first Turkey. Which saved me in the second game as I only had a 43 in the 7th frame but with that Turkey I managed to pull a 117 in the end. We all encourage each other and it is just a great night out.

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