Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 2 of 5 Days of Preparing for the Holidays Blog Hop

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Today is day 2 of the 5 Days of Preparing for the Holidays Blog Hop and we are going to talk about cooking. What kind of cooking do you do for the holiday season?

    In our home we particularly love this time of year for cooking, we do more baking, now that the weather is cooler. Pies, cookies and many crockpot meals. Pinterest has quickly become my best friend these days, we love all of the new ideas we have been getting. Starting next week we will be making Pumpkin pie a few days a week as well as pumpkin bread. My family just cannot get enough of anything Pumpkin. The first of December we will begin our daily baking of Christmas Cookies. We bake cookies all month long and put together tins for family and friends. We also participate in a handful of cookie exchanges, so this way we are on top of it when the invites roll in. We have found many new recipes for Christmas cookies on Pinterest that we just cannot wait to try out this year.

    I do not do any big Holiday cooking for the general meal, that is left to my parents. I have an aversion to meat on a bone. Do not ask me where I got it from but I just cannot handle much raw meat and especially if it is on a bone. I know I am weird I cannot help it. SO I buy the Turkey my parents cook it, really is the perfect answer. We do meals at their house as they only live about 1 mile from us, they have a nice finished basement with a large table that seats all of us just perfectly. We bring some of the side dishes and some dessert and ourselves.

   Thanksgiving morning we sit down as a family to watch the parades on TV and I make little smoked sausages rolled in crescent rolls, baked in the oven and some other finger type breakfast foods. It has been a tradition since before the boys were even born. I can even remember being pregnant with my almost 16 year old and waking up with contractions and refusing to go anywhere until we had gone to my moms and had our smokie rollups and watched the parade. I suffered through them all day and even went to dinner and then when dinner was done we went to the hospital they had me walk around for an hour and the contractions stopped completely. He came a week later.... Little Stinker.

   Christmas morning we usually make a big breakfast, waffles or pancakes and meat and eggs. This is a treat in our family because it is cereal more often that not in our house. The children look forward to this every holiday.

   What do you do for cooking for the Holidays? I would love to hear your cooking traditions if you would care to share them with me.


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2 thoughts shared:

Brandy Brockhausen said...

I love Pinterst for recipes!! I have quite a few I want to try this holiday season.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

My hubby doesn't like to eat meat on the bone either:) Although he'll eat ribs ...I don't get it. LOL