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Ultimate Homeschool Road Trip October 2012 Part 1

Pin It Now!     This is going to be a multi part blogging experience so please check back often, I am going to try to post at least 3 times per week and one full review of several of our sightseeing adventures each week as well. I warn you now you will be overloaded with photos as I took over 2000 pictures during our 19 day trip. We visited I believe 15 states in 18 days. It was a whirlwind experience that I hope my children will never forget, I know I won't. I am so grateful for the opportunity God has given us with the option to homeschool. Without this freedom, this trip would not have been possible.

     We started out trip on September 29, 2012 leaving at 6 AM, with me the captain at the wheel. Our trusty GPS "Bertha" on loan from a dear friend, and nothing but road ahead of us. Who knew what opportunities lay in front of us, this was a no holds barred kind of trip, stopping off wherever God steered us. We arrived in Petersburg,KY at the Creation Museum, look for this to be my first review this coming week. I have one word for it now and it is WOW! I will tell you if you plan to make the trip you will need 2 full days to experience this wonderful Museum, we did not have that amount of time set aside and will definitely be heading back sooner rather than later. Here are a couple pictures to hold you over until I post the review.

      After spending the whole day at the museum we went over to our hotel, which was nice except for the fact that there was a large Doberman convention staying at our hotel, I guess that is what we get for staying in a convention center. It is weird to see dogs in hotels as they are not allowed in MI at all to my knowledge, unless of course it is a service dog.

       Our second day on the road started bright and early as well, after a nice hearty(free) breakfast at our hotel. Our goal was to get to Branson,MO to spend the night as we had a full day planned in this happening city. This did not pan out as expected as we had some unexpected side trips like Santa Claus, IN and grew tired of being in the car. Yes I did say Santa Claus,IN, and I am ashamed to say I did not know such a place existed, now whether you believe in Santa or not I am sure you would have done the same thing I did when I saw a road sign that said 4 miles to Santa Claus. Any sane adult would go in search of Santa, would they no? I thought so as I am completely sane and level headed( at least I like to think so).

When we first reached Missouri, we came upon one of the coolest welcome centers on our journey, we would come across a couple others that stand out as well, but this was the first cool one on our trip, it was the Route 66 Welcome Center, you will have to come back and follow our journey to read about the others.

Who ever said a bathroom break cannot be an educational experience? This is a must see potty break if you ever enter Missouri.

     We ended up spending the evening in Rolla,MO, we went to a fantastic restaurant called the Sirloin Stockade, the boys loved it, All You Can Eat Steak, need I say anymore. I am kind of glad we do not have one in our state, the boys would be bugging me to eat out all the time, I do admit the food was very tasty. We went back to our hotel with full bellies, went swimming and hit the hay. We started off the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for the road again, after a short drive we arrived in Branson, and our first stop was The Titanic, the world's largest museum for the history of the Titanic, there are 2 locations, I will be reviewing this attraction as well, so be on the lookout. The only complaint I had of this phenomenal attraction was not being able to take photos inside the exhibit, so I only have a few to share of what I could photograph outside. The museum itself was absolutely breathtaking, and very educational.

We moved onto Lunch at a recommended restaurant on the strip called,The Great American Steak and Chicken House, we had the world's best(in my opinion) chicken and dumplings and cornbread, OH MY! They even bring homemade potato chips and samples of deepfried dill pickles to your table and if it is your first time there they take your picture for their wall. The coolest was their neat bathrooms, the stalls were very country and the sink was a trough, but they had sugar scrub on a table with a spoon to give it a try and it was amazing, they sell it in their little store, I am too cheap to buy it but am now itching to make some of the recipes for scrub I have seen on pinterest.
After lunch we headed over to the Branson Ride the Ducks , let me just say this was the most fun I've had in a long time, where else can you get a scenic informative tour all the while quaking like a duck with a fun little kazoo type duck bill in your mouth, it is sure fun to act goofy and not be afraid of what others think. The boys were so excited when they got to drive when the "duck" entered into the water.This will be my 3rd attraction review in my series of Roadtrip adventures so be watching soon.

We were so not ready to leave Branson and all the fun we were having so we decided to add in an unplanned visit to the Hollywood Wax Museum, the kids had never seen one before so I just had to take them, you have not lived until you have visited a wax museum.

Our biggest complain was out of 4 Nascar driver's waxed, none of them were any we like, oh well maybe next time.
After the wax museum it was on the road again for us as we had to get to Dallas, TX by lunch the next day. Stay tuned for the episode 2 of Ultimate Homeschool Road Trip 2012, Texas and beyond. See You in Oklahoma!

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