Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook October 23,2012

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Wow! It sure has been forever and day since I have posted one of these. Now that things are calming down here and we will be staying more put for the Fall and Winter I will make a point of blogging more, instead of just reviews. Please forgive me for taking a much needed break to spend quality time with my kids, after the last year and half roller-coaster ride we have been on it was a welcome retreat.


Outside my window... it is pretty dreary, but pleasantly mild, it rained all night long so it is still pretty damp out.

I am thinking...about how much we want to move out to the country but we are leaving it in God's hands to present us with the perfect house when he sees that it is the right time for us.

I am thankful...to have been able to spend an amazing almost 3 weeks with my 2 youngest boys and my Mom on a road trip that was filled with many opportunities, all the way from MI to TX and back again, 15 states in 18 days, I know we will never forget it.

In the kitchen...is the left over smell of banana chocolate chip pancakes and the noise of my hubby doing the dishes.

I am wearing...jeans and a hoody from our trip, from Willis,TX

I am creating...some Christmas cards, got back in the groove after going away with my best friend this past weekend for a stamping weekend. Also going to make some homemade lemon sugar scrub if it turns out the way I hope I will be putting some in canning jars that I am going to decorate and giving some as Christmas gifts. I hope to make some Peppermint as well.

I am going...to a 31 meeting tonight, excited to see what ammenity we will be getting and hearing all the new updates, Mom gets to go tonight to her first meeting as a consultant.

I am wondering...where I can find an extra few hours to put in my day, anyone know where I can get some?

I am reading...Too Wise to be Mistaken, Too Good to be Unkind(look for my review soon)

I am hoping...that Dave gets approved for his SSDI, it sure would make some of his stress disappear

I am looking forward to...Enrich this Thursday

I am learning...to leave it all in God's hands

Around the house...things are still waiting to be unpacked from our trip, but I started a big chunk of it last night

I am pondering...some things that were discussed at Dave's Psych appointment yesterday.

A favorite quote for today...This is a real as it gets! www.soyoucallyourselfahomeschooler.com

One of my favorite things...Is listening to my boys getting along and laughing at each other's jokes

A few plans for the rest of the week: 31 mtg,Enrich and a field trip with Enrich to the Apple Orchard this friday, Trunk or Treat at Church Saturday and Family Dinner at my parents on Sunday.

A peek into my day...up by 8, chores and breakfast school work by 9 and finished by 12 we hope, although it does not always work that way. Lunch and then hubby usually is home, errands or board games with the kids, dinner with the family, usually we watch a movie or shows together and then by 10 everyone is in bed settling down for the night.

I will leave you with a photo from our trip....

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Discovering Montessori said...

I loved reading your day, very inspiring. I am from the crew stop by to follow you.

Thank you for sharing.