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National Tax Training School Schoolhouse Review 2012

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   I have an exciting review for you today, one that could change your life and the life of your family! Schoolhouse review crew members were given a wonderful opportunity that can prove to be life changing and I was blessed to be one of the chose few. I was given the challenge of reviewing National Tax Training School's  Federal Individual Income Tax Course.

                 Do you dread paying to have your taxes done each year? Do you often wish you could be the one charging those astronomical fees and reaping the benefits of being your own boss? Do you sacrifice extra income because you chose to homeschool? Do you want to help contribute to the finances without having to leave your family everyday to go to work? I know I have wondered each and every one of the questions over the last few years. I cringe every time tax time rolls around, not because we owe taxes, we are blessed each year with a hefty refund, but a large chunk goes to the big box tax chain and I do not like it one bit.
                I would love to be able to help my family out by being an accredited tax professional. Now don't get me wrong I have done ours once with that company that claims it is easy as pie and will save you tons of money, but I came away frustrated and not so confident I had done a job well done. I want to know what I am doing and be prepared and knowledgeable. I would also love to be able to bring in some extra income for my family. Maybe one day even have our own actual business as my hubby heads towards retirement, one that I could do from the comfort of our home and do anywhere we choose to live, even if we become snowbirds after the kids leave home. I have been thinking about it more and more over the last year as we loom to being kid free in the next 5 years with all the boys off to college. Taking a class at the local tax prep office did not thrill me, I want to be able to go at my own pace and do it from the comfort of my bed, desk or wherever I feel fit in my pajamas if the mood strikes me. Don't judge, it is not nice!

             Does this sounds appealing to you, well it sure did to me too, and it is all possible with National Tax Training school. In no time at all I was on my way to getting my certificate to be a licensed tax professional, not only capable of doing our taxes but the taxes of our family and friends too.
National Tax Training School states the following....

    A Complete Comprehensive Course! (not a simple "test prep" program)
Upon successful completion of our tax preparer course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to prepare Individual and small business tax returns for clients anywhere. You will find yourself able to start and operate your own tax practice, or accept a well-paid position in an accounting or tax preparation firm.

            You can accomplish the task of completing your training in as little as 8 weeks, but may take up to a year. The course is 20 lessons and each lesson takes about 8 hours to complete, then you take a practice test to see how well you have absorbed the materials presented to you. I took the practice test several times before I felt confident enough to take the final exam for the lesson I had studied and then put it in the self addressed(not stamped) envelope that was provided to me. You mail your final exam away to be graded and promptly it is returned to you with your grade and an answer key so you could see where and why you had made mistakes if any. I liked that they did not just mark it wrong, they supported it with key reasons so you could learn from your mistakes. I find this extremely helpful in my continuation of the program and to help build my confidence as I go forward. I had originally hoped to do 2 lessons a week, but an impromptu road trip changed the scheme of things for me. I have only completed 6 lessons so far but I am trudging along nicely and feel at this pace I should have my certificate barring any unforeseen problems by Christmas. What a nice present that would be! I already feel so accomplished and I am not even half way done.

          Now I will admit when a giant, heavy box was delivered to my home, I was a bit overwhelmed and wondered what I had gotten myself into, but the contents were neatly organized in a 3 inch 3 ring binder and not only had the study materials but sample text documents as well. The box also included all of the practice and final tests and the pre-addressed envelopes I mentioned above. After the initial shock wore off I was excited to dive in, any homeschool Mom knows how much fun it is to get new curriculum, even if it is not for the kids, this was no exception. Little did I know at the beginning this was not going to be the only big, heavy box from the tax school. After you get about halfway through the program they send you the second half of all of the materials, packaged just as nice as the first box. Shipping of all materials to you is included in the one time shipping price of as little as $19.95, that is a bargain considering those boxes weigh a ton.

      The price of the Federal Individual Income Tax Course is not cheap by any means but they do make it affordable for most by offering a payment plan and you have to remember after just a few paying customers you will have made your money back in no time at all. The cost is $495.00 with 2 years of post graduate support and $795.00 with 4 years of post graduate support. Now remember you can split this price to make up to 6 automatic payments to help make it easier on the budget. I know I want to know the reputation of a company when I am spending a chunk of change like this so you can be sure I checked their credentials.
Buy with confidence knowing that National Tax Training School has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
They are also an approved continuing education provider of the IRS.
National Tax Training School has been in business for over 60 years and is recognized by the CFP and the DETC. 

The post graduate support is as follows according to the website....

Once you graduate from the National Tax Training School, you will be given full access to our online, annual Tax Change Bulletins. This privilege will be in effect for up to four years after your graduation (depending on which option you enrolled under). During that same period you will also be able to contact your instructor with any questions that will arise as your tax practice grows, without additional cost! 

         When I got started I had high hopes of doing 2 lessons, which would be 16 hours of work a week, reality quickly set in and I was getting frustrated. My advice to you is start with smaller plans and work up to more if your life allows. In reality I can really only do 1 to 1 1/2 a week I set aside 2 hrs per day except on Sundays and if I could get more in I did but I had to tell myself that I am a Mom and Wife first and foremost and this will come in good time. Once I made a plan of how I was going to devote my time more realistically the stress lifted a ton and I began to enjoy the program, yes you heard me enjoy it. I love a challenge and to me this was a challenge worth every minute I could devote to it. Some of the terms were a bit confusing to me, and were often not explained or given a definition, but I used the internet to investigate and overcame my frustration very easily. Sometimes they would refer to topics I would learn later on and I found that a little confusing as well, but once I got used to it, I overcame that as well.   I have never had much confidence in things I do, I always find fault with most, but National Tax Training School has helped build up my confidence by grading my tests in a professional, helpful manner. They truly seem to care about their students success in their program. They are not there to simply take your money and run. This is a valuable trait in a company and I value them for their customer service and teaching approach. You can get a complete outline of their course by visiting their website.

     Your 20 lesson course will include the following...
1. Complete Text Material

2. Self-Check Practice Problems

3. Examination Problems

4. Instruction & Grading Service

5. Practical Case Studies

6. Student Guidance Service

7. Building and Operating a Successful Tax Practice Book

8. Reference Book

9. Graduation Certificate

10. Postgraduate Services

The tuition fee includes all above training material, services, and benefits
      Now you can also complete the course online in their Beta format, the first 10 lessons are up online and the rest are to be added shortly. This will cut down on the time it takes to get your graded final back, so if you are like me and want to see how you did on lesson 1 before continuing onto lesson 2 you will not have to wait for the mail to go back and forth through the postal service. I am going to finish my remaining lessons with this new online version, I think it is more my cup of tea. I do however still like the print format so I can make notes and highlight areas I want to find quickly for reference. The exams are open book so it makes it easy to find pertinent information if you use a highlighter method. I love highlighting in books, but if that is not for you, I am sure you can use whatever study methods work best for your individual needs. 

             This course is designed for anyone who has completed minimum of 2 years of high school, and unlike what I thought is easily accomplished with a some good honest effort from someone who wants to gain this knowledge and go forth to either do their taxes or make a business out of it. Now if you are simply hoping to better understand your tax preparations then this is probably not for you, but if you are eager to learn  and want to bring in some extra money for your family then this is a solid, wise investment that will return your initial investment in no time and bring you as much money as you would like, whether you choose to make this a family business or just a sideline job to bring in some holiday cash. The choice is yours and it will become whatever you envision it to be. I know I envision myself to being an independent tax professional by tax time next year. While hopefully opening a business by the time my husband retires. What would you do with the knowledge of National Tax Training School? 

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