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Deep Blue Kids Bible Schoolhouse Review 2012

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                Children's Bibles make kids feel special and lend to giving a child a love for reading the Bible, they are usually  not just page after page of black and white print. Instead they are more often than not filled with vibrant colors, fun characters and inspiring activities. Deep Blue Kids Bible by Abingdon  Press is certainly no exception, as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew we were given the opportunity to review this Bible for Taylor, who is a tad older than the recommended ages of 7-12, at almost 13 but developmentally his maturity level in some things sits perfectly in the range.


     A problem we have had with him with Bibles in the past is his ability to process the language of some of the translations of Bibles, this Bible is written Common English Bible Translation and it has made a world of difference in Taylor's enjoyment of reading the Bible. Something else I noticed right off the bat is the cover quality of this book, it is neither soft or hard covered, instead it is what is a sturdy flexible cover that looks like it will show much less wear and tear and stay together much longer than the previous Bibles Taylor has owned. I know some say a Bible that is falling apart at the spine shows love, but it frustrates Taylor to bits.

   Abingdon Press publishes five kid-friendly cover choices available in the approximately 5.5” X 8.5” Bible:
  • ImageFlex with blue background and three children in a boat(this is the one we received)
  • Hardcover with same view as ImageFlex
  • Midnight Splash-dark blue background with light blue splash
  • White Splash-white background with more wavy splashes of different blues
  • Burgundy Imitation Leather 
               The layout of the Bible has a nice flow to it with an introduction to each of the 66 books in the Bible, giving a short synopsis, introducing the important people and places you are about to learn in the book you are about to begin,  relaying the basic theme, and giving the children a key Bible Verse for scripture memorization. I particularly liked this aspect as we stress the importance of scripture memorization in our homeschool by picking a key verse and adding it to our Bible journal, I also often take key words from our weekly verse and incorporate them into our spelling and vocab test. It is not only important to be able to read the words but to truly understand and comprehend what the boys are reading. We just started doing things this way over the Summer but it has proven to be very beneficial.  Discovery Central Dictionary helps with this as well, giving definitions for key words found in the readings. An added tool in the back of the Bible is the Bible Maps from National Geographic, this lends a hand in visual showing the children where the events are taking place in the stories not just telling them. Taylor is a visual learner and this was a welcome addition that we had not had in previous Bibles we had used with him.

           Deep Blue Kids Bible is especially helpful for visual learners throughout the entire Bible. There are visual cues like sailboats, and umbrellas, keeping with the theme of water and the seas from the picture of the 3 little children on the front cover. I was pleased to see that diversity was pictured on the cover, all of different race and gender, this is a grand fit for any child, and they will not feel left out. The visual cues like the sailboat for instance notes positive character traits. The Umbrellas help kids navigate through their feelings and hard times in their life. This was a powerful trait of the Deep Blue Kids Bible for me, as a parent of Asperger's Kids it is not always easy for them to navigate their feelings and emotions, if they are dealing with something in their life, they may not always know how to put it into words, but with the help of this Bible, they can sort out these moments in their lives. Lighthouse words teach ways of following God and the Life Preserver answers tough questions

    An additional resource to navigating feelings is the I wonder what to do when I’m... section, where kids can  go look up their particular feeling they may be experiencing, like quilt, anger or sadness, or maybe even fear, which is a constant feeling for Taylor,  I believe this will become an aide to learning to wade through the his feelings. The God’s Thoughts/My Thoughts section of  the Bible uses devotions to help relay what they have learned to the child's present life happenings, questions are conveyed on a child's level making it easy for them to understand and comprehend, leaving them feeling less overwhelmed and actually enjoying the teachings of God, this has been an answer to my prayer with my son, as reading the Bible has been a struggle in the past and often leads to him whining and getting frustrated, I have seen him take his new Bible and go off on his own when he needs,"his time" and crawl up in his bed and just read, it brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart beyond what I could put into words. This has caused a breakthrough with my son and his relationship with God.

 The Navigation Points put emphasis on memory work and this is important for Taylor to truly learn the verses. Timed Bet you can! challenges help your child practice reading aloud or silently. We did not put emphasis on this portion as Taylor does not work well under pressure, maybe with time we can build up to this but have not explored it as of yet. Your child may benefit from it if they are into a little competition with themselves, maybe setting a timer or stop watch.  In the back of the Bible is an index that helps navigate all of the aspects I have touched on and so much more, making this a very user friendly Bible that your child will treasure forever. The Deep Blue Kids Bible with ImageFlex cover retails for $26.99 in the purchase page of the website. You can always check places like amazon as well. If you would like to get a stronger feel for the Deep Blue Kids Bible you may see a PDF sample or watch a video introduction, all found on their website, www.deepbluekidsbible.com. All in all we found this Bible to be everything it stated it would be and so much more, like any book or Bible use your own judgement when picking it for your child. The recommended grades are 2-7, but could be used as a family Bible with smaller children and older children, and those with learning disabilities may get enjoyment and so much more as well, just like my son Taylor.
This would make a fantastic Christmas gift for that special someone in your life, enhancing the true meaning of Christmas as it should be celebrated. Give the gift of the word of God and the story of Jesus Christ, taught on a level and in a manner they will gain enjoyment and learning from. I cannot think of a better gift for under the tree this Christmas.

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