Friday, October 26, 2012

Crossbow Education Schoolhouse Review 2012

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           Being part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew has been a blessing on my family for all of our homeschool needs not just curriculum. Sometimes homeschoolers and families may need added help from products to help make learning easier. Eye Level Reading Rulers from Crossbow Education is a product that fits in the helper category. We were fortunate to have been sent a variety pack of 10 different colors, which sells for $16.95 and is the best value for your money.


           Eye Level Reading Rulers are designed for children and adults alike that may have visual or Dyslexia. This put my family smack dab in the center of their target market. While my children do not have any diagnosed visual problems other than standard near sighted vision, they do have trouble focusing on what they are reading due to their Asperger's Syndrome, which makes their attention span short and their eyes wander while reading. My husband on the other hand has a whole host of visual issues, he has no peripheral vision, has macular degeneration due to a old retinal tear and repair, and as a result is pretty much blind in one eye with only the ability to see finger outlines and very limited sight in the other. He has pretty much given up reading because the white paper background of a book or newspaper puts too much strain on his eyes. So needless to say I was pretty darn excited to be chosen for this review and ecstatic when they showed up in our mailbox.

     Even our mail lady, with whom we have had for many years was curious, as she knew it was not a book, she is almost always just excited to see what pops up in our mailbox as we are. Usually we have to stand and open them while she waits so she can see too, and this was no exception. She was intrigued when I explained what they were and I told her we would let her know our thoughts after we used them for a bit.


     Everyone is different when it comes to visual issues, and what makes Eye Level Reading Rulers unique is that they offer many different color choices so that you can see which color works best for your eyes. My kids were eager to give them a try, but my husband was hesitant since nothing has really helped so far for him personally. There were 10 different colors to choose from, and I let the boys and my hubby try them all out to see which worked best for them personally.

    Alyx ended up picking the grass green one, Taylor the Aqua and my hubby the purple. They are made up of a combination of opaque and transparent plastic, there is also 2 sides to each one, a narrow edge for one line reading and a wide edge for multi line focusing. The opaque portion helps to underline and guide you as you read along and keep you from getting distracted by your eyes jumping ahead of where you are trying to focus. Keeping the ruler in your book helps to not only keep your place but you will always know where your reading ruler is. This is a huge help with my youngest as he is a very disorganized individual and loses everything. This way the frustration level is kept to a minimum with him by not having to look for his reading ruler every time he goes to read quietly.


   Reading has become more enjoyable for my husband as he does not seem to be struggling as much, now I am not trying to say these improved his vision. I wish that could happen so easily but it cannot. What they did  do was help relieve some of the stress on his eyes by changing the visual field color and making it so it is not as harsh as a white piece of paper. I have noticed him picking up his Bible again which he has not wanted to do in quite some time as it was just too taxing on his eyes. This is HUGE for my husband and family.

    I have also noticed Taylor and Alyx wanting to read more and I believe they are getting more out of what they are reading because they can focus more on the content and not spend all their energy keeping their eyes on the right line of text. This has cut down on the amount of frustration and whining I receive from each one of them about reading time. I am an avid reader, I always have been and it has pained me to not see my children have the love for reading that I posses. I am hoping with time and with the help of Eye Level Reading Rulers we can change their opinion of reading and let them see the joy of exploring a good book and that it does not have to be "work".

      There are several options for purchasing Eye Level Reading Rulers, you can buy them in packs of 5 or 10. Prices start at $9.45 for the pack of 5 and increase, with the 10 pack being best value for your money at $16.95. Crossbow Education also makes single color plain window reading rulers available in packs of 5,10, or 30.  You can purchase whichever combination is right for you by visiting their website, and there is also the opportunity to try out the color choices on your screen so that you can get a feel for how dark the colors are and maybe see which one might be the one for you before you even order and also be sure to check out all of their valuable resources they have to offer.  There is also a wonderful opportunity to try out their Virtual Color overlay great for computer reading for a 30 day trial. As always be sure to stop by and see what my fellow Schoolhouse Review Crew Members and their families are saying about their experience with Eye Level Reading Rulers by clicking on the banner below.


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