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Beloved Books Schoolhouse Review Crew 2012

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     Boy do I have a treat to share with you today! Myself and some of the Schoolhouse Review Crew members were given the delightful opportunity to review Volume 1 of The Sugar Creek Gang audio series on CD from Beloved Books. We were super excited as we have some Sugar Creek Gang DVDs that we love to watch, but there is just something about an audio version of story telling that leaves so much to the imagination.

In 1939, Paul Hutchens began writing a series of wholesome Christian adventure books for boys and girls. Several years ago Paul Ramseyer was inspired to dramatize the book series for radio. Now your family can own and enjoy the complete 36-book audio series... over 100 hours on 72 CDs!

      Now to give you an insight into the Sugar Creek Gang, think The Little Rascals go to Sunday School. Set in the 1930- 1940's a gang of boys who live in a farming community, they are all primarily Christian and if they do not start out that way, sure do end up being "saved".  The Gang goes on many adventures throughout the series and although the episodes are independent of each other, they do build upon each other and it is so fun to listen to them in sequential order. Sugar Creek Gang is so much more than an adventure audio series, you will
      There is nothing like the whole family sitting around in the darkened living room with some snacks listening to a radio show. It is very exciting and reminds me of stories my Grandma tells about the good old days, she was born in 1920.
 Volume one includes the following titles, each story being about 2 hours in length and covering 2 discs, for a total of 12 discs in all for the current price of purchase for $54.95 with free media rate shipping.

The Swamp Robber
The Killer Bear
The Winter Rescue
The Lost Campers
Chicago Adventure
The Secret Hideout

   Now we have The Secret Hideout on DVD but let me tell you we all enjoyed it so much more on the audio CD, the narrator is a single gentleman but he does such a superb job mimicking many voices of the characters and changing his tones to immerse you into the story. The recommended age range for these CDs are 6-12, I feel the age range is much broader as my boys are turning 13 next week, 14 and almost 16 and they truly enjoy listening to them in the car and at home in the evenings or while we are doing quiet work in the classroom.

    Not only do my children enjoy them but my husband and myself as well as my 92 yr old Grandma really get quality enjoyment from them as well. Christian content that is enjoyable for the whole family is something to be treasured, and as my boys get older I am finding less and less that we can enjoy watching or listening to that as a family we all agree on. Sugar Creek Gang is an example of good Christian family entertainment that although their are some references to some things that are from over 70 years ago and may be hard for some younger folks to understand, it lends itself for a learning adventure through history to discover what is being talked about in the stories.

    My children got extra enjoyment from this learning process because living with my Grandma they often hear about the happenings of the era that is set in these stories, they do not always have to look it up, they can just ask Grandma to tell us one of her stories and explain what they are talking about. She may not know what she ate for breakfast but she remembers the good old days like it was yesterday. Having a multi generational home has many advantages and learning history first hand is one of them. Listening to these audio shows on CD helped bridge a gap in our home and let us all enjoy something together. Often newer age activities and shows leave us missing out on a lot because we have to stop and explain things to Grandma often leaving us all frustrated, this was not the case with Sugar Creek Gang. My Grandma felt right at home, and she was instead explaining things to us. I cherish every opportunity my kids have to interact fully with my Grandma and this just melted my heart. The most recent opportunity to listen to the last story was during a power outage just the other night due to Hurricane Sandy's windy wrath, it made passing the time so much more enjoyable, we sat in the living room by candlelight listening to the gangs latest adventure.

     Now I will warn you especially with younger kids, they are many references of being taken to be spanked  by one of the boys parents. Back in the day this was a normal form of punishment, some people today still do practice spanking as a form of punishment. We in this house do not condone any form of corporal punishment and while this is our personal beliefs, I do believe this is how others feel as well. Now because my kids are older this was not a huge deal, it is not like they have never been exposed to thought of someone being spanked, but some of you with little ones may want to pray about if this is right for your family. I do think there are far more good things about Sugar Creek Gang than bad and I would not personally opt to pass on this solely because there is mention of spanking. You have to follow your heart on that one for what is right for your own family.

   All in all I think this a wonderful family activity that can be enjoyed by a wide age range of maybe 6 and up to adult. In our family it was 12-92 that enjoyed each story as well as the first. My boys have asked that we get the next volume and I am thinking that will be a great family gift come Christmas morning, in the past we have always had a family gift of a stack of movies or board games or even a couple Wii games but I think this year it will be good old fashion Sugar Creek Gang audio CD stories under our tree. 

   Bonus save 20% on all purchases with coupon  website (www.BelovedBooks.com) -- the code is

    Be sure to check out the Beloved Books website for all they have to offer including all the volumes of The Sugar Creek Gang and so much more, adventure awaits you and your family. As always be sure to click on the Schoolhouse Review Crew banner below to see what my fellow crew mates had to say about Sugar Creek Gang.


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Heather said...

Jenn -- thank you so much for posting this thoughtful review! I am so delighted by the aspect of your grandmother enjoying right along and being able to shed light on things from the past. That is way cool. :-) Another thing -- there is a coupon your readers can use for 20% off their purchase of anything at my website (www.BelovedBooks.com) -- the code is SUGARCREEKGANG-20

Thanks again so much for doing the review!