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King Alfred's English TOS Crew Review 2012

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        Have you ever wanted to study the History of the English Language with your kids? How about how  the Bible came to be in print? I know we have had these same curious questions and were so intrigued to get started when we were chosen to review King Alfred’s English: A History of the Language We Speak and Why We Should Be Glad We Do  written by Laurie J. White from the TheShorterWord.com. We are embarking on a new journey in our homeschool this Fall and that is homeschooling High School. We want to make sure we are picking curriculum that will serve as credit for Alyx's High School transcripts. This book along with the free resources offered, serves that purpose and so much more. Whether you are looking for a 1/2 credit of History or 1/4 credit History and 1/4 English, you will want to keep reading this is something you will be sure to be interested in.

                    King Alfred's English is sold as a paperback, 170 pages for $14.95 or you can get it in E-book form for your Kindle for just $5.95, this is the version we used. Any excuse to fire up the Kindle is a good for me and the boys.

    We chose to use this as a 1/4 credit for History and 1/4 credit for English, as we have some other things in the works for the rest of the credits Alyx needs this year. I did include my 8th grader in this as well and he enjoyed learning the history of our Language as much as his older brother. My son who is in 11th grade will be reading it next just for fun as he is in public school and would never get this opportunity.

   Here is a little info on the book from the The Shorter Word.com

The capstone of the book is the story of how we got the Bible in English and it’s influence upon our language.

*What were the driving ideas behind the Reformation? 
*Are the New Testament documents really reliable and how do they compare to other ancient manuscripts? 
*Why was translating the Bible into English punishable by death? 
*…and what does all THAT have to do with the history of English? 

    We have talked briefly in the past about these very subjects with other curriculum, but have never truly studied it and spent any length of time on it. I was excited to do just that. Discovering how much turmoil was caused over bringing the Bible to print has always been my biggest fascination. We all take this for granted and everyone should know the truth and History of where our language and Bible came from and how they came to be.  I want my boys to have a deep appreciation for life and not take anything for granted. Everything we have in this world today is because someone, somewhere fought for our Freedom. This is true of the very language we speak and the Bible in which we read God's word from. I believe all High Schoolers and their parents should read Kind Alfred's English. You will have a deeper appreciation and understanding of more than you ever thought possible.

      King Alfred's English is a captivating book, and when you couple that with the free resources both for Students and Teachers from The Shorter Word.com. Chapter by chapter links to online images, articles, videos, and relevant literature excerpts, Chapter worksheets and tests you will have everything you need to take a book and make it a class, that you can have High School credit for. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain from this simple looking book that is so rich full of History of our English Language and how our Bible came to be in print. Who sacrificed for our Freedoms of both of these and how we benefit today because of it. Once you pick it up you will find it hard to put it down.  The words seem to pull you into the stories it tells. My boys were absolutely speechless. As they listened I watched their eyes grow wide. They whispered in awe as we learned of the battles that were fought for something we seem to just expect.  Every homeschool family should study this with their children 12 and over.

Did you know?

  • The English were NOT the British. In fact, they fought each other…a lot. And still today, if you call an English person British, he might very well correct you even though he knows you probably won’t understand.
  • You probably don’t pronounce the word “when” like your parents. When you say “when” and “win,” do these words sound the same? If you’re under 50, they probably do. If you’re older, you may still pronounce the sound of the “h” and the words sound slightly different. I still pronounce the “h,” do you?
  • The Brothers Grimm compiled German fairy tales, but they were also famous philologists (and what IS a philologist?)
  • There’s a law for the way languages change that backs up Intelligent Design.
  • For over 300 years the official language of the English court was…French! Seriously. But the English were always fighting the French. That’s true. Find out why.
  • There’s a reason we write “knight” but say “nite,” and you won’t believe how they used to pronounce it.
  • It was once punishable by death to translate even portions of the Bible into English! Yikes!
  • Recent scholarship has shown that at least 80% of the King James Bible is the translation work of just one man. Who was he?

View the Table of Contents of King Alfred's English to see all that it has to offer you and your children. Also be sure to stop by the Schoolhouse Crew Reviews, to see what they are all saying about King Alfred's English.
  As a special added bonus from the Author Laurie J. White, if you are one of the first 4 people to comment here that you are interested in the print version of the book at a wholesale price of $8.47 and leave your email address I have a code for 4 of my readers to order the print version of King Alfred's English at a wholesale discount. Good through September.


Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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