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Golden Prairie Press: Uncovering Exciting History Schoolhouse Review Crew 2012

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   Finding History to study with my boys is sometimes a challenge, as I want to make sure that the History we are studying is both based on fact and our beliefs as a Christians. As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew we were given the choice of one of 4 books by Golden Prairie Press and the Author Amy Puetz. We chose Uncovering Exciting History, we were intrigued as Amy is not only the author of the book we chose, but the owner of the Golden Prairie Press company, but she is also a homeschool graduate who just happens to love history so much that she wanted to help parents like me teach History with a worldview approach.
     My kids are always fascinated to learn more about homeschooled successful individuals as well as anything to do with History that is written with a Christian at heart. We enjoy reading about how our world came to be and the characters within the stories. I was sent the E-Book version of our book choice and as always sent it straight to the Kindle for easy on the go reading. There are 29 easy to read chapters in this book rich in Christian History. I liked that we could choose our starting point there is no right or wrong way to go about reading the book. You can go in order if you so choose but there is no need to if a certain chapter pops out at you and just screams "read me first". This is what happened with us, as we flipped through the books pages to get a feel for the layout and the reading one chapter seem to jump out and grab us. This chapter was number 18 The Pony Express Uniting the East and West. My boys are so into this era right now and how the "mail" service started here in America. My boys love getting mail and often talk about how amazing it is how you can get something from one place to another in such a short time these days, and it often leads us into talking about how it took so long in the good old days but that the era of The Pony Express helped speed up this process and was the next step in the mail service process after the telegram.  The boys are often amazed at what the carriers had to endure and how much it cost to get something to someone.

   The chapters are not too long and get straight to the point in a fun, engaging way. Once the reading stops your journey is far from over. At the end of each chapter there is a section which turned out to be the boys favorite part of each of the stories called Digging Deeper notes. Some thought provoking questions that get you thinking about what you just read and also some outside of the box fun activities that build upon what you read about. Such activities as making a timeline of the Pony Express, reading other books that went into the story a little deeper, using a map to plot the routes of the Pony Express. Each chapter has different Digging Deeper activities, the ones I have shared with you are that of the ones that are  unique to the chapter of that tells the tale of The Pony Express.

   I feel that the way this book is set up you can use it in whichever manner fits best within your curriculum. Picking and choosing the chapters you work on that fit within your studies, or by going through the book chapter by chapter. It seems to be very flexible. I would not use it as stand alone curriculum, but as a wonderful enhancement to your solid curriculum choice already in place. This is however my opinion. This book is geared to students 12 or older or as a read aloud with younger children or learning for the whole family. You can chose the print version which is on sale right now for $15.16 or in your choice of several E-Book formats on sale for $11.96, great for Kindle or Nook readers as well as on your tablet or PC in pdf format. We plan to continue using this book as it fits in with our History lessons as we go through the year. I think it is a wonderful enhancement to our curriculum. There are many other titles available by Golden Prairie Press and Amy Puetz, be sure to check out the reviews from The Schoolhouse Review Crew by clicking the banner below to see which titles were chosen and the crew's thoughts on their choices. Be sure to take advantage of the Back to School Sale being offered by Golden Prairie Press from now until September 1st to take advantage of the sale prices mentioned above.


Disclaimer: As a member of the The Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine

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