Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop Day 3

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 Day 3 already, how can that be? We just started, didn't we? Closer to the end of the blog hop means we are that much closer to the end of Summer. I am so sad to see it end but excited for a new adventure another year of homeschooling brings to us. I seem to start planning for the new year almost as soon as the last one ends. That brings us to today's topic, Planning!

    What do you do to plan for a new year of homeschooling? We start by discussing what we are going to be learning so we know where to turn our thoughts on curriculum.  So we start by planning our new year by picking our curriculum, which I shared with you yesterday. Next we move onto our co-op, I have to plan and decide which class or classes I will be teaching way in advance. This year to start off with I am teaching a class geared around The Dangerous Book for Boys. Also I will be teaching an art class for Fall and Winter crafts and one of the crafts we will be doing will serve as the center pieces at our annual Christmas Pot Luck.

    We start our co-op the middle of September so I have been busy gathering ideas from Pinterest. I have become a Pinterest addict. Have you? If you have not gotten sucked into Pinterest you must go visit there now. We use it for so many aspects of our life and homeschooling. Dinner recipes, classroom organization, crafts and unit studies and so so much more.

   Another aspect we have been busy planning is the re-organization of our homechool classroom, with the help of Pinterst of course. We will be making a new learning table, right now we use plastic 6 foot tables put together but with all of my new curriculum and review items I need more storage. So our new table is going to be made from 2 doors that you would use in your house and 4 small shelving units that will be used as legs and this way the boys will each get their own shelving unit and I will get 2 on my side of the table for all of
my, need at the tip of my fingers materials.

       Something new for us that we are planning for is some more extra classes and activities outside of our normal routine. The boys will be starting up Karate classes and they will be looking into some other activities as well. We are still in the exploring stage of this part of our planning. Karate is the only thing we have decided on definitively so far. We are strongly leaning towards 4H as well.

   We also need to plan for what types of work we will be taking in our camp schooling bag as we have several 2 week trips planned for the Fall and do not want to fall behind. We camp year round and try to limit what we haul up to camp down to one Thirty-One Gifts Large Utility tote.

      We also always plan for a new chore system for the new school year, look for my review on the one we will be using this year soon. The boys know what needs to be done, but it helps keep things fresh for us and for us not to get stuck in a rut to change it up every Fall.

      A new aspect for planning this year as well is the fact that our oldest of the homeschoolers will be starting Driver's training in theSpring, and we are on the hunt for a good homeschool Driver's Ed program, I will keep you posted on how that turns out. So many exciting changes for our family and homeschool this year, Our oldest just finished Driver's training a couple weeks ago. Our first year of homeschooling High School for Alyx this year and Nick is starting to seek out colleges as this is his Junior Year of Public school. Taylor is finishing Junior High this year and they are all growing in so many ways. This is sure to be our most exciting year this far.

    Lastly my most favorite part of planning for the new school year has already begun. School Supply shopping, I love all the awesome deals. How can you resist anything for just a penny. I have been accused of being a supply hoarder. I do however share with friends and we always donate 3 filled backpacks to either our local elementary or our church. I strive to teach my boys that no matter what we think we are lacking, we always have something to give to others. There are always people less fortunate than us, even when we think times are tough.

      What are you doing to plan for the new school year? I would love to hear all about it. Be sure to hop along with The Schoolhouse Review Crew and see what my fellow crew mates are doing to plan for the upcoming school year.

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Charity Hawkins said...

I spent all day yesterday planning. Whew! Still a bit more, but feeling better about things. How does the end of summer always sneak up so early??? I think the rest of this week we are going to swim and then find an ice cream truck (even if I have to chase one down) because summer can't be over until we've gotten ice cream from an ice cream truck!

Mary said...

I am a Pinterestaholic too! I have been referring to my Pinterest "Homeschool" board as I am making plans for the school year.