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Super Duper Publications TOS Crew Review 2012

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                        If your family is anything like mine, you are going to love this one! Super Duper Publications has some awesome games that are learning based and lour family loves games. I love games that teach even more!! So this was the best of both worlds when it came to pleasing the whole family. Schoolhouse Review Crew members were given the opportunity to pick one of 3 games. As soon as I saw the one I was given I just knew we had to have it. The kids had been asking for a similar game in the store but I was holding off for Christmas time. We do not usually make a habit of buying toys and games just because, but if we are sent something for a review that is a whole other story, that is my way of getting around my own frugal rule.(chuckle).

      Super Duper Publications has this fun and wacky game called Jeepers Peepers, just like the party game that has been around for a while that my kids and maybe yours have been yearning for. The boys were so excited when we popped open the box, I did not tell them it was on the way, the element of surprise is half the fun.  We took it up to camp with us since we were heading up there the very next day. We have some friends up at camp that were sure to like this too. What could be more fun than putting on funny glasses and asking each other silly questions around the campfire... I cannot even think of a single thing right now...

      Jeepers Peepers comes with the following components to ensure a rousing good time of quality family fun  with a twist of education involved and is geared for sprouts K and up. Now keep in mind my boys are a tad older, being in junior high and high school but we still enjoyed it just the same.
Jeepers Peepers Includes...
6 pairs of Jeepers Peepers glasses 
"My Cue Cards" 
101 photo cards (4" x 5") 
Spinner and bingo chips 
Instruction booklet
Note: Only Jeepers Peepers laminated cards fit the Peepers slot. Normal playing cards do not. Jeepers Peepers Add-On Cards sold separately as well as additional glasses.

   One thing that I was pleased with right off the bat was that it included 6 pairs of glasses, we found a vast array of family friendly games usually are aimed at families of  4. I can only count on maybe 2 hands how many families I know only include 4 or less members. This gave Super Duper Publications a star right from the start, next was that the glasses were not too tiny to fit on older kid and adult heads, 2 stars.  The entire content of all included cards were very family friendly, there were no surprises that would embarrass myself or my kids or our friends while we are playing. So far we are up to 3 out of 5 stars and we have not even begun to play the game yet.... Not too bad if I may say so myself.

     We invited some friends over the night after we got to camp for a s'mores and game party. We told them we had a fun game and to be prepared to get a little goofy. The boys were excited to get to share their new game with friends and have a great time. Our friends arrived at a little before dusk so that we were sure to be able to see everyone's cards. We all picked a chair around the fire pit circle, (cautious to not be too close so as not to risk losing any game components into the fire. The kids carefully chose their favorite color of glasses and the parents were the referees and helpers for the younger kids. I was delighted to see that we had found a game that the younger siblings of the boys friends could play along with all the older kids and they could all still have an enjoyable time together, this earned this game it's 4th star.  The vast array of categories that are included in the cards is exceptional.

   The included clue cards worked great for the younger kids to get them headed in the right direction to get to the answer on their card.

       The older children put the glasses on first to show the younger kids just how silly they could be, the little kids laughed immensely.  The older kids took turns asking everyone clues as to what they might "be" on their card located on the front of their heads. After a few rounds it was time to switch it up and the little kids all put on the glasses. They were delighted that they figured out their card in a faster time frame than the older kids. Finally they convinced all of us adults to take a turn. We were reluctant at first but it was all in good fun and dark enough that our neighboring campers might not notice us all looking a little wacky with these bright colorful glasses on. I figured hey if they notice we will just make them join in our fun too
              After we were done playing so many rounds of Jeepers Peepers that my sides hurt from laughing we put the game away and settled in for s'mores and hobo pie making. Everyone commented that it was one of the best evenings of the Summer and asked when we could do it again. 5 out of 5 stars for this game the whole campground is chattering about it. We love it, and our friends love to come play it what could be better? I cannot think of a single thing...

     This game teaches kids to think outside the box and to use descriptive language to solve a problem. They 
have to learn to trust their opponents that they are giving them the correct answers to their questions and to also read their body language. This is something my kids need help with a lot so I think this game will be used often to work on those skills.

    Does this sound like just the type of educational family fun you are looking for to bring laughter to your family and friends? Well look no further as Super Duper Publications has offered my readers a SCREAMING COUPON, good for 30% off your very own Jeepers Peepers.  This game is sold for $29.95, so with this coupon you are saving a good chunk of change. 
Coupon Code: BLGJP30
Save 30% Expires 8/31/12

    If you cannot stop at just one new game for your family, keeping in mind it is only 5 months till Christmas you may want to start your shopping, you can visit all of the other crew members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew as everyone was given a Screaming Coupon unique to the game they chose. You will not want to miss this deal. If you are on a budget pick one now and one later as the coupons are good through the end of August. Just don't forget and be sorry if you miss the expiration date, so jot a note on your calendar to remind you of these fantastic savings deals that Super Duper Publications extended to you. Have fun and have a Jeepers Peepers party just like us. You will be so glad you did..... 'Til next time have a Super Duper day!!

 Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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