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Apologia: Who is my Neighbor? TOS Crew Review 2012

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             Apologia has blessed our family once again with a exciting new addition to our curriculum library.  If you remember last school year I received the 2nd book in the What we Believe Series from Apologia called Who Am I?  as part of my affiliation with the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  We were eager to move forward in the series this coming Fall, and God answered my prayers and we were offered the opportunity to review the 3rd book in the series Who is my Neighbor? 

       Since we have started homeschooling we have been working hard to change the way our kids think and see the world. In public school they were surrounded by the influences of the world around them and we had little control over it. The world in today's society is all about "ME". I want, I do not have, I have, you do not have, this is where bullying sometimes plays a part in today's youth. I have witnessed this behavior first hand in children and I have made a conscious decision to raise my children right in the light of God.

      My children need to know that the true way of life is to put other's needs before your own.  I have been pleased to include the books from the What we Believe Series from Apologia Educational Ministries. The series can be done in succession or all books can be used in a stand alone or out of sequence pattern.  We for instance started with book 2 and now have moved on to book 3 and we will go back and do book 1 next. I love when it does not matter if you work in order or not.

     The What we Believe Series is part of the Apologetics/ Worldview curriculum  that helps to teach Godly Character in your children and maybe strengthen yours along the way as well. I know this has happened for me while working on these books with my boys.  Who is my Neighbor? works on teaching your kids servant hood, and doing for others. Community Service is something all should do with a happy heart. We have been focusing on this while we have been here at camp. Helping out our neighboring campers, picking up trash, and just trying to show others our Godly character within us. We have  been donating many supplies from our own stock to the activities department here at camp, I want the kids to learn that even though we may not "have" much we always have enough to give to to others. They are catching on as each time we go home they want to look for more to take up with us the next trip. I want my children to have a servant's heart not because they have been told to or because that is what our family is teaching, but to want to have a servant's heart because they have a love for Jesus Christ. I want them to do what God has put them on this Earth to do and to share the light of God with others.

      Apologia's Who is my Neighbor? Focuses on servant hood by teaching with the use of character stories, scripture references and examples by using the 275 page hard covered book Who is my Neighbor? and Why Does He Need Me?  Selling for $39 this is a hearty book that is the 3rd installment in the 4 book series. This book is set up with 8 sections and each section expands on the thought process of the books intentions. The lessons are full of scripture and practical application examples, and stories of servanthood that you and your family will be captivated by and want to read over and over, well at least we do.  My favorite addition to the hardcover book, is the 240 pg. spiral bound soft cover notebooking journal that sells for $24. This is where the kids do their assignments, scribble away their thoughts on what we are covering in the lessons, and in my opinion these notebooking journals will be a treasured keepsake for you to pass on to your children when they are grown so that they can relive their spiritual journey that you all sailed on when they learned what God's purpose for them truly was.  The notebooking journal has activities that mesh with the lessons you are learning, activities such as puzzles, activity lists, praise reports, and word finds. Your kids will want to keep going, mine beg me to sail through it but we take our time as I want them to fully digest what we are learning.

     These books are geared for 6-14 yr olds but can be easily adapted for children out side of the age range. Like I said I as an adult enjoy them as much as my kids so that should tell you something. There is an additional coloring book that will help engage younger learners. This brilliantly designed coloring book is 64 pages, and sells for only $8.This is a great way to keep your younger learners engaged while listening to the stories. Keeping them busy with their hands will help keep them still and listening longer. Even though they are busy coloring, they are soaking up everything they are hearing and will build a strong foundation early for a long happy life.  The coloring book has stunning pictures and sometimes have text about the picture or an accompanying scripture reference. So it is not just pictures and helps teach the lesson as well.

     The What we Believe! Series is an excellent resource and is very adaptable for what ever your family dynamics may be. Only children all the way up to a quiver full can enjoy this curriculum. The whole family can engage in this together and will all take the journey and build in faith and grow in spirit. You will deepen your understanding for what God's plan is for you and your family, and with this book in particular you will grow your Servant's Heart. Learn or Grow in what it means to be a servant and how to continue your path as one of God's children. I know my family has grown so much from using the 2 books in the series we have been blessed to study so far and we are eager to continue on with the 1st book, Who is God? and then move on to the 4th book in the series What on Earth Can I Do? Coming later this year and  we truly hope they will keep expanding upon the series. We just cannot seem to get enough.

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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