Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Meltdown Blog Hop June 4, 2012

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Welcome to the first edition of Monday Meltdown Blog Hop here at the Fresh Start Academy Homeschool. The only rules I ask that you follow are no foul language  and please grab the code and paste it at the top of your Monday Meltdown blog post, and finally please sign the linky and only link to your Monday Meltdown post. That is it and I hope this helps unload anything that has been on your chest, so that you may start the week with a clean slate.

     So for my Monday Meltdown I am going to talk about how I have been sick for over 2 weeks and I am still not better. It started 2 weeks ago Friday with a Sinus infection and turned into Bronchitis and then a week later was Pneumonia, and here I am another week later and a second round of antibiotics and steroids and I am not feeling a whole boatload better. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have MS and being sick aggravates my disease. Another thing that contributes to not getting well and my MS acting up is Stress. I have my fair share of stress on a daily basis, but I have added stress as of late due to a falling out with a friend, who did not turn out to be any kind of friend after all and after repeated requests for her to just leave me and my family alone, she has repeatedly texted me, commented on social networks and I have done my best to block her but she just won't take a hint. I know that the added stress of her harrassment, even though she does not call it that is impeding my getting well. How does someone live with themselves knowing they are maliciously causing a great amount of stress to someone and not care. I looked up the definition of Cyber Bullying and this persons behavior fits it to a T. I am not into bashing and name calling, and low blowing people. I do not like confrontation  and this is out of my comfort zone. I just want to consider this another lesson learned and move on.  I am keeping all texts, emails and contact in a file if it indeed has to move forward. I will not be bullied and let someone harrass me and my family. People like this makes it very hard for me to trust or get close to anyone. I have come to the conclusion that this person is so unhappy with her own life that she is choosing to take it out on me and that is not fair. Get a life and leave me alone. 
There I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest. 
What has been troubling you lately?, have you witnessed something in public that appalled you? Unload and start the week off fresh join in our Monday Meltdown

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