Friday, June 22, 2012

IXL TOS Crew Review 2012

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               Do you have more than one child that you homeschool? Does a child in your homeschool struggle with Math or strive to work harder with small, fun, positive reinforcements? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then this may be the review for you. Schoolhouse Review Crew members were given a 6 Month Subscription for a parent and up to 3 children for IXL. This is an online Math program that is a great subsidy to any core Math curriculum. IXL  is designed for Pre-K through Algebra, with more advanced levels in the planning stages,  and practices drills and rewards children with virtual rewards that you can print out and save for your child.

         Taylor has always struggled with Math, while Math comes somewhat easy to his older siblings. We are always changing things up for Taylor to keep him motivated and so he does not get bored. I think this is why he struggled more with Math in public school, everything was always the same. Changing things for him has helped tremendously. We have found his core Math curriculum that is working and I always say if it is not broke don't fix it. However we are always looking for add on programs to help with drills and memorization. Taylor has trouble conquering core concepts and we need to be constantly working on keeping the facts fresh in his mind but at the same time we try to keep it light and fun. IXL does just that with fun graphics and virtual rewards that I can print out and put in Taylor's portfolio. He just beams with pride when given small rewards for his efforts and a program that can aid in making learning stress free and fun earns an A+ in my book.

    I love that even during the Summer Taylor can take learning on the go with our laptop and keep refreshed in Math without boring book work. We school somewhat year round but from May to September we try to keep it light after all it is Summer vacation. Programs like IXL are just the kind of Math that helps build on concepts that the kids learn with their core curriculum. Most kids who do not practice their Math throughout the Summer lose much of what they learned throughout the previous school year. This is why most teachers have to spend the beginning of every school year refreshing and the kids relearning. The option is to take the time to set aside some learning during the Summer. This is also a great time to introduce something new like IXL and carry it on through the school year as your child is already familiar with it. This is what we plan to do in our homeschool. Starting it now and getting used to it and then carrying it through our traditional school year as a supplement to our core curriculum.

  We started with 6th grade Math for Taylor and hope to bring him closer to grade level by the Middle of the school year. He is an 8th grader this Fall, but in Math he is still only a 6th grader in some areas and 7th grade in others. IXL feels out where your child is and once the student masters that area it slowly increases the difficulty and moves on. Taylor found this way of learning helpful as he was not rushed through and did not feel as though he was behind. He enjoyed getting his virtual rewards and I was pleased with being able to log on and see at any point how his progress was improving and with weekly emails I felt I was always in the know with how he was doing.

      IXL makes it easy to be in the know at all times for both the student and the parent by always keeping up with the progress of the student. I also thought that not having to pinpoint ahead of time the level that your child is on and being able to try out all levels to find the prefect fit for them. Most companies make you pick the level upon signing up and IXL does not do that all levels Pre-K through Algebra are available to you at all times. You can chose 2 different subscription options at sign up. You can pay by the month, for instance if you just want to use it for the Summer as a refresher course or a whole year. While we are using the Middle School areas of IXL many of the crew members have kids at all different levels, be sure to check out their reviews to see what they thought and how they used IXL in their homeschool.
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As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my
honest review. All opinions are mine.

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