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Creation Illustrated TOS Crew Review 2012

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          Do you love to Marvel at God's Awesome Handiwork of Nature?  We just cannot seem to get enough especially being at camp and spending so much time outdoors. Select members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were sent 4 of the latest issues of Creation Illustrated Magazine. We took them with us to camp to incorporate them into our study of nature that we had already started.

    I had no expectations as I was thinking this is merely a magazine, well let me tell you when I opened the magazine I was blown away. Full of absolutely stunning photos, as an amateur photographer I was so impressed. I could not get enough I opened each and every issue we received and I just could not stop myself from flipping through them over and over. I was overwhelmed with God's awesomeness. Humming Birds, I had never seen one up close and they were just exquisite. My kids at this point had not even gotten a chance to take a look, I was being accused of being a hog. Me, never I just did not want to stop looking.

    OK back to reality I come, I handed one to each of the kids I simply just wanted to see their jaws drop. They indeed were shocked at how beautiful the creatures they were looking at were. After we got over the initial awe we started to see that there was so much more to these amazing magazine that initially catches the readers eye. In these publications you will find not only stunning photos, stories that tie into these pictures, recipes that spark your inner chef, contests for the kids to find the photographer within and a chance to get published. There are also lessons that delve deeper into the wonders of God's awesome beauty. I was beyond words. Never did a magazine make me feel this at peace.
                      Here is some info from the people at Creation Illustrated...

Who Are We?

Creation Illustrated is published quarterly (beginning in Fall 1993) as a private, nonprofit, non-denominationally owned ministry dedicated to the eternal impact of sharing Biblical truth through the blessings of God's creation.
The editors and publishers are a Christian couple, Tom and Jennifer Ish, who homeschooled their daughter, Melissa, and have dedicated their lives to serving God by providing positive choices in reading material for the whole family.

Mission Statement:
Our purpose is to share the wonders of God's creation. By revealing fresh insights of His infinite wisdom, gentle touch, undeniable justice, redeeming love, and flawless design, pure truth shall bring renewed peace. Each part of this publication is offered as a reprieve from the daily rigors of life so that all can look to the future with unbridled gratitude and hope.

          We studied one magazine a week doing the activities and making the recipes and reading the stories aloud. We loved to sit around the campfire by the lake surrounded in God's handiwork and read. This was an amazing addition to our continued study of nature. Rest assured these will not be magazines that we just read through once and discard. I have already seen my boys reading them over and over even if just to look at the pictures again. 
Here is what is included in the most current issue for Spring 2012

Current Issue:
Spring 2012 Vol. 19, No. 1

Features include:
  • A Creatures Near and Dear to Us feature on hummingbirds called "Flying Jewels"
  • An Outdoor Adventure story on Yellowstone National Park
  • A Lens on Creation snapshot of birds on "Bonaventure Island"
  • A Creation Day 6, Part 3 story on the Creation of Humans
  • Creation Highlights in the news
  • A Creation Resource Guide
  • A Creation Stewardship page
  • My Walk with God story called "Bloom Where You're Planted"
  • A Genesis Cuisine recipe section featuring Smoothies for homemakers
  • A Wholesome Living Guide
  • An encouraging children’s story called "Bunny Surprise"
  • A Youth Photo Contest
  • An Instructional Guide to help homeschoolers and teachers glean key spiritual and character-building lessons from each article
  • An Educational Resource Guide
  • Uplifting poetry
  • And more!

    Do you want to experience God's Creations and read inspirational poems and stories. Would you like toYou can also request your own sample issue of Creation Illustrated before committing to a subscription. 
 see your kids on Fire for Nature. You can do this and so much more with Creation Illustrated Magazine.   For just a small investment you can add a new dimension to your homeschool curriculum and take a closer walk with some of the most exquisite creatures we have in this world with us.

Creation Illustrated is published quarterly in the United States with a cover price of $4.99. You can subscribe online for the following lengths/rate:
  • 1 year $ 19.95
  • 2 Years $ 37.95
  • 3 Years $ 53.95
Those who pay now with a credit card will save another $5.00 per year per subscription. Canadian Residents will need to add $5.00 for postage, those living in other foreign countries will need to add $10.00.

    Are you still not convinced, well you can also request your own sample issue of Creation Illustrated before committing to a subscription. You can also read what my fellow crewmates had to say about the magazine as well and how they used it in their homeschools and families. 

As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my
honest review. All opinions are mine.

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