Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Meltdown May 21,2012

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              MELTDOWN MONDAY 

  To help vent some frustration off my chest I am going to take Mondays and have my Meltdown, As I see it some of you may benefit from this as you may be sharing some of the very frustrations that I am venting about each Monday. I will be working on a blog hop button and starting next Monday feel free to link up and share your Monday Meltdown.
    This week I am going to kick this concept off by venting about the campground I so blissfully blogged about last week during the 5 days of.... Blog Hop! Gone this weekend was my peaceful escape away. We could not swim, parents of the "weekend warriors" as one of our favorite security guards so eloquently put it, do not teach their children manners, heck they don't have manners themselves, let alone pass any on to their offspring.
       My Mom and I went for our usual morning adult swim, well we did not get to swim. Our first clue should have been when we walked into The Dome and it mimicked a trash dump. There were pizza boxes piled up and trash on the floor and dirty table tops, Now I would think if the Dome opens at 7 it would be somewhat clean by 7, I went into the upstairs restroom and there are three stalls. Behind door number 1, the handicapped stall it was plugged full of toilet paper and feces. Nice.... Door #2 NO toilet paper what so ever and there is room for 2 industrial size rolls.... Third times the charm with door number 3, toilet clean enough to use... I hope but floor full of TP and candy wrappers. Do these people live in a box??? What do they live like at home. God help them all. We proceeded to the locker room/pool house bathroom, One word EEWWW! Is that even a word I am not sure do not really care.  Every Shower was filled with Mud and dirt and get this TP.| REALLY???   The floor was just as nasty and all of the stalls were not in usable condition either. I could not bring myself to change let alone put my bare feet on the floor! Walked into the pool room and the water was so cloudy you could not see the logo on the bottom of the pool. Apparently some kid tossed his cookies in the pool the night before. UGGH!.

       My other beef was with the Sales people giving tours there is one small bridge wide enough for a golf cart and nobody or anything else at the same time, a couple years ago there were no golf carts allowed on the bridge apparently that has changed. My Mom and I use mobility scooters and several times have been half way across the bridge and a golf cart comes along more often with staff in it than not and they will not back down they expect us to yield to them and go backwards down the bridge to wait for them to pass, Seriously? Who taught these people etiquette, or were they ever taught at all? Where is the common courtesy? There is a 5 MPH speed limit here in the park, now granted I find that annoying myself but when you push the envelope and race down dirt roads that children are constantly crossing on. We yelled at a car full of Teens who by the way according to park rules need to be 18 to drive a motor vehicle on the property, going at least 25-30 kicking up dust all over the place and what did they yell back, a bunch of expletives that I will not repeat at all, ever. You kiss your Momma with that mouth. SHAME!
  I will not even get started about the children that are allowed to dress like hookers? Parents WAKE UP! Teach your kids Modesty! You will be amazed at the outcome....
     OK I am stepping off my soapbox now, I feel much better and I am glad that I can unload all the negative off my chest to start a new week with a FRESH attitude. Do you have things you see in the world or maybe even something that happens at home that you need to have a MELTDOWN about? I know everyone must have something. Please join me next week when I kick off the Meltdown Monday Blog Hop and shed the negative and start the week feeling refreshed with a brand new attitude. All I ask is that you keep it clean no profanity will be tolerated. I will delete your link if you cannot comply with that one simple rule. Rules are made to be followed not broken.

     Have a Happy Week


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