Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's about time!!

Pin It Now!      I did not realize it has been so long since I have updated about life in general, things have been a roller coaster of sorts since the beginning of March. I have sat down to write many times but with so much to say and not a whole lot of time to sit and do it, I just kept putting it off. So here I am on my last day at camp hiding out in the adult zone taking the time to update you all about the happenings of the Our busy little life.
              In March David was hospitalized again for about a week, let's start off this bit by saying Mental Illness SUCKS! He was having a reaction to a new med we tried and found out it is the same med that caused his hospital stay last time. So needless to say he was off work for 3 weeks and things were a whole lot of crazy. The weekend before this happened the boys and I were camping for the 2nd time in our new camper and there was a 70 mph wind storm and we suffered $4000 worth of damage to our camper while we were in it. We were scared to death, so we had the camper towed to the shop where it sat for a few weeks, we got it back the last week of March.
           A couple nights before our first two weeks of camping,, Alyx was opening his new fishing pole late at night and decided to use his pocket knife, he all but lost his thumb, cutting into a tendon and needing 12 stitches. Not the way I wanted to spend a Saturday night at Midnight, THANK GOD he did not need surgery and he is now as good as new, the boys all learned a very valuable lesson, that even if you know when you are doing with a knife accidents still happen.
     April 1 Started our camping season off with a bang. We go camping for 2 weeks then we come home for a week and then back we go. It is so relaxing for all of us up here it is hard to put into words, we do some school but for the most part we have finished up our core subjects with a bit left to do when we get back and then Summer is here. We will continue to do some school all Summer but hoping to stick to fun things even though educational and our TOS Crew reviews until September.
      We are back for our 2nd 2 week stint of camping and will be returning home for 9 days and then back we come for our next two weeks that takes us into Memorial Day. Can you believe Summer is almost officially here. I cannot wait until Nicky can join us up here at camp. When he comes we will bring Grandma up too. Our friends Robyn and John and their kids recently joined the campground and bought Aunt Angie's trailer that we used for the one Summer up here. It was fun having good friends to relax with up at camp they were up for their first weekend in their new camper last weekend.
    We also got to spend some time with Lea and her beautiful Twin girls they were in Flint for the Month of April staying with her parents. We met up in Frankenmuth for a sunny day of window shopping and a walk down main street. I love getting to see them all and I so wish they lived closer than Texas but am forever glad they have family here and make it to visit as often as possible.
    We have been little by little making our camper our own, We are pulling the wall paper border down when we come back and I have found the fabric to make curtains for my bedroom and the living room, we are searching high and low for the fleece for the boys bunks to make coverings and material for the curtains and pillows. Hopefully we will find it when we are home so we can work on it when we come back. I will also be participating in the first craft show of the season Memorial weekend, I am super excited for that.
    Taylor found a new hobby while he was up here and he will be making some to sell at the craft show as well. He has taken up Ballooning, and I have to say he has caught on pretty quick, and he was so excited when the Park Manager gave him a book on ballooning the other night so he has been practicing lots to learn to make some more, so far he can make a sword, a dog and a giraffe.
Earlier this week we went to a local theater and saw a live Animal Encounter that was for schools and homeschoolers. It was pretty cool and while we were there we came across a CSA Organic Farmers Market and bought some tasty goodies.
  We have made some fun new friends while we have been at camp this time, Lupita and Rick live close by and will be taking us out on their pontoon boat when we come up next, the boys are so excited. Taylor and Alyx are looking forward to being able to bring a friend up to camp with them, I told them to be patient so that everyone could finish up school.

      We went to something called Wild Lapeer today at Mott College Campus and had a lot fun and the weather was perfect. I will leave you with some pictures from the last few weeks. I promise to update more often now that things are not so crazy busy. Hope everyone is enjoying Spring and has some fun plans for the Summer.

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