Monday, May 7, 2012

Is it that time of year already??

Pin It Now!    I can hardly begin to comprehend that this official school year is coming to a close, this as always is traditionally our last week of school, we are always completed by my Birthday which is this coming Sunday, My birthday present for myself and my kids, for all of our hard work and effort since September. This school year has brought about so many changes for my kids and myself. Starting with last Summer when I was accepted into the TOS CREW, what a blessing this has been to my family, we will be continuing on our journey with them until the end of 2012 for sure and only GOD knows what happens in 2013.
    The end of this school year marks the beginning of many new adventures for our family, Nick will be starting Drivers training soon, Alyx will be officially in High School next Fall and Taylor will be finishing up Middle School and will be turning 13 in November, I will be a Mom of 3 full fledged teenage boys. Holy Smokes! How on Earth did all of this happen. Where has the time gone. I seriously thought that homeschooling would slow down time, but it seems to passing by quicker than ever. The years seem to pass by me in a blur. I want to pause time and revel in the magic of my boys becoming Men. Yes I said it Men, who will they become as they bridge from boys to men. What are their hopes and dreams for the future. Nick is entering into his Junior year of High School in the Fall and with that has brought some apprehension on my part, he will be leaving for college more sooner than later, it used to seem like an eternity away 2014. When he started school and we figured out his Graduation year it was so distant that I did not even think about it. I have found myself thinking about it more often than not these days and with that brings even more thought, Alyx is only 2 grades behind him and Taylor only one year behind that. I find myself daydreaming about the long off future of being a Grandparent, Yikes if my kids follow my lead I will be a grandma not long after 40. This completely overwhelms me in some ways and comforts me in others.  I want to hold onto my boys for as long as I can but time keeps slipping away like sand in an hourglass.
    Am I alone in feeling this way, I like to think I am not. Not too long in the distant future I will have an empty nest. What ever will I do? I am sure I will figure out something as I have some time, but I just cannot help but wonder what will our future hold?
   Back to school, wow did I stumble off track for a bit. We will continue with some school work through out the Summer while we are away at camp, on chilly mornings and rainy days it seems like the perfect way to keep us on track and consume or idle time.  We are home for 8 days before we return to camp next week and in this time at home we need to finish up 3 weeks or core work. I will not allow myself to be stressed out trying to complete and finish by this coming weekend. Instead I will save it for a rainy day at camp. I have learned this year to be much more flexible and allow the boys to be independent learners, it was hard at first but has been so rewarding and helpful with all the chaos our family has endured this past year. The boys continue to amaze me and have blossomed socially and personally so much this past year that I often stop and just soak it all in. Alyx is becoming quite the young man and has taken up a hobby that could prove to be his livelihood. Our neighbor Eric has taken Alyx under his wing and has been teaching Alyx step by step how to restore and fix cars. Alyx has a dream to restore his very own car soon, and that got me thinking about how close he is to driving as well. Look out World 3 Kasprzak boys on the road in the next couple years.
  What are your plans for the finish of the school year? Do you finish when you are finished, do you school all year round or Do you stop on a certain day and pick up in the Fall where you left off? I am constantly feeling blessed by my right to homeschool my way and I am thankful beyond measure for this opportunity. For a while I was filled with regret that I did not afford my children the opportunity to be homeschooled sooner, this would have then probably been a good fit for Nick as well, but this year I have decided to embrace the time I have been given and Thank God for all his Mercy and Grace.

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