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Heritage History TOS Crew Review 2012

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                                We have been studying Rome this year and are always  on the hunt for valuable resources that do not break the bank to go along with our core studies. We also came to own a Kindle Fire this past Winter and the boys have taken a liking to doing as much work and reading on it as possible. I love that the Kindle has strengthened their love of reading. I guess we know what to get them for Christmas. As a crew member for TOS I was given the choice of one titles from Heritage History to review and use with the boys. I was super excited when I saw that one of the choices was Ancient Rome. What a blessing.

        Heritage History sent us our choice of History topics and as I said we chose Ancient Rome, we were sent the CD ROM and Teacher's Guide. The CD ROM is abundantly filled with 45 completely illustrated books, over 60 maps, time-lines, battle dictionaries, reading recommendations,geography terms, short biographies, historical era summaries, and study guide resources. I was so impressed with how easy Heritage History made it for me to transfer the files onto my Kindle. You can follow the easy directions for translating the files from the CD ROM into a format that will work with any E-Reader.
My kids even figured out how to transfer them to the Kindle it is as easy as picking the title you need to review and then exchanging it into the format for your particular E-Reader.  If you do not have an E-Reader you can view the files right on the computer or print them off to read them in paper print. 

I found the CD easy to navigate and find what I needed to work on with the boys, while there is no set schedule of learning it is grouped in a way that is useful for the teacher and student. The information is grouped by related readings,characters and events. While there is no Internet connection needed to use the CD there are web browsing tools included for ease of use. There are side tabs for scrolling and navigating that is helpful in using their curriculum on an E-Reader digital format. 
Having the boys history work on the Kindle really helped us now that it is camping season, with an hour and half drive here and cold or rainy days this was a perfect way for the boys to get their History reading done with curled up in their bunk in the camper. When they get to use the Kindle it makes it more fun for them and they tend to be more excited about their reading they need to do. What is it about technology that sparks the kids to do more work? I tend to not question it so long as the work gets done. 

Putting the Story Back into History

There are two quite distinct purposes of history; the superior purpose, which is its use for children, and the secondary, or inferior purpose, which is its use for historians. The highest and noblest thing that history can be is a good story.
—G. K. Chesterton

Welcome to Heritage History

If you are visiting the Heritage History electronic library for the first time, welcome! Our library contains hundreds of entertaining and easily-read history books which were written for students and non-specialists many years ago. Likewise, all the illustrations, maps, and other history-related material on our site were taken from traditional history books and student atlases that are no longer copyright protected and are available to republish without cost.
MINSTRELS SANG OF THE FAMOUS DEEDS OF HEROES, H. E. Marshall - English Literature for Boys and Girls The mission of Heritage History is to make old-fashioned history books, written for the enjoyment of young people, easily available. The complete text of every book in our library can be read directly off the website, and both printable and e-Reader formats are available at the Heritage Store.

At Heritage History, we seek to promote, not so much the study of history as the enjoyment of History. By making available old-fashioned history, as it was enjoyed as a pastime rather than studied as a subject, we hope to help reawaken the interest of a new generation.

Story Based History

Most of the books prepared for Heritage History take a old-fashioned, or story-based approach to presenting history, rather than an analytical or critical approach. Our books do not attempt to explain the "underlying forces" that influence history, or critique ancient notions of human rights, or focus on contrasts between cultures. Instead they are based simply on stories that have been retold for dozens of generations regarding individual characters, important conflicts, and events of special interest. The stories are connected by simple narrative threads and are shorn of complicated analysis.

Heritage History's online Library allows you to view over four hundred titles, sorted by genre, author, series, and civilization. Each book is listed according to difficulty: Green Links indicate introductory books, appropriate for older grammar school students; Brown Links refer to material appropriate for middle school; and Red Links indicate books that are appropriate for an intelligent high school student.
In addition to hundreds of books, the Heritage Library includes thousands of Historical Images, a database of Historical Characters and a complete Battle Dictionary. All can be sorted by name, date, and civilization. The Series page lists all of the books in the Heritage library that are part of a series so students who enjoy one book in a set can easily locate other similar volumes, and the Authors page provides some background information about some of Heritage History's most prolific authors.

While Heritage History has Young Readers History all of the others such as our Ancient Rome are geared for 4th Grade through High school and are wonderful for multi age teaching. I tend to lean towards multi age curriculum as it makes it easier on myself for teaching my boys who are in different grades and makes it easier for them to learn and they like to be working on the same school work at the same time. We love learning together as a family.  Heritage History makes learning History not only fun but affordable for us homeschool parents. The CD ROM that comes complete with all I described above for only $25 and you can then purchase the accompanying Study guide for $24.95 for the Full Color Print Version for @12.99 for the PDF download type.
Be sure to check out their website and see all of the available subjects and start your shopping for the new school year. I know we will be shopping for our new school year in the next month and Heritage History is top on my list, while it is not a full curriculum it is a valuable resource to stack with your core studies, giving your children a classical approach to History. Also be sure to check out all of the other TOS Crew reviews, as we all chose what suited our homeschools best there are many different reviews to be read. I am sure there is something that will fit your needs if Rome is not the one.

As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my
honest review. All opinions are mine.

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