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Go Science DVDs TOS Crew Review

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    The TOS Crew was given the opportunity to choose 2 DVDs of their choice from the GO Science Series from Library and Educational Services. The boys were so excited to be able to pick the ones that they wanted. I let them each pick one, they waited patiently for them to come. I was excited because all of the Go Science DVD lessons are taught using Creation Based learning, by Mr. Ben Roy.

Every time we learn something about science, we learn something about our Creator God!

Science DVD Series featuring Ben Roy
67 Science Demonstrations on 6 DVDs!
Even kids who claim an aversion to science will be engaged by the high-energy science demonstrations of Ben Roy! Ben teaches science methods at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and is the former director of a science program on television. With this expertise, Ben captivates, motivates, and inspires students to be excited about science, while providing effective instruction based on science phenomena. Each of the 67 spectacular demonstrations of physical or chemical science has a spiritual application and points to our Creator!

    The boys and I chose Volumes 3 and 4.  Volume 3 deals with topics such as Magnetism, Engineering, Electricity and Design and Volume 4 touches on topics like Chemistry, States of Matter and Life Sciences. Each DVD has simple experiments to accomplish and touches on the topics listed for each DVD in a fun approach by Mr. Ben Roy and are taught from a creationism viewpoint. We use a creation based Science curriculum already so I was so pleased to be able to review these and add them into our standing curriculum and felt comfortable knowing we shared the same view point when it comes to Science.
    Each DVD runs in length from 29-59 minutes, and is set up to run in sub segments that last 3-6 minutes in length and touch on one of the categories and performs an experiment. I loved that at the end of each experiment, Mr. Roy says, “Every time we learn something about SCIENCE, we learn something about our CREATOR GOD!”  These demonstrations are taught in a caring, fun way by Mr. Roy who is a past Elementary and Middle School teach as well as a school Principal. He has won many Teach of The Year and currently holds teaching certificates in 2 states. 
He is a past director of a TV news channel Science Theater, and continues to travel extensively with his live science shows.  These DVDs are geared to children ages 6-14 and my Middle Schoolers found them entertaining and full of hands on learning experiences as did my friend with Elementary aged children 1st grade -4th. This is a great complementary program if you are teaching a range of children in ages or just a couple.
   We enjoyed learning each day along with Mr. Roy and doing our experiments right along with him as he taught us about Demonstrations include:
Volume 3 recommended viewing  Ages 5-11
  • Monster Magnets
  • A/C Electromagnet
  • D/C Ellecromagnet
  • Making a Compass
  • Static Electricity
  • Light Bulb
  • Jacob's Ladder
  • Conductivity
  • Solar Energy
  • Tesla Coil
  • Color
  • Cut Paper Halves
  • Heat Engine
  • Plastic Pre Forms
Volume 4 recommend viewing ages 5-11
  • Chemical Luminescence
  • Exploding Bottle
  • Exploding Balloons
  • Flash Paper
  • pH
  • Root Beer Float
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Single Cell
  • Optical Illusion
  • Lycopodium Powder
  • Camouflage 
Here is a sample lesson from Volume 3 about Jacob's Ladder.

   Although the two DVDs we picked have a younger viewing age recommended than my children's ages we still enjoyed them and these particular topics fit into what we are learning this year, so this was more appropriate than some of the others for us personally.
 Whether your kids love Science or Loathe it Go Science DVDs are sure to spark the Scientist in everyone. Mr. Roy is so engaging it is almost impossible to not get excited for Science.

Regularly listed for $14.95 each – or $79.95 for the set of 6 – Library & Educational Services makes the Go Science DVD’s available for just $8.97 each, or $47.95 for the entire set. LES is a wholesale company, serving “resellers, educators, librarians, home educators, as well as church leaders such as pastors or directors of children’s ministries.” 

   Be sure to check out the rest of the TOS Crew members reviews and see which DVDS they picked to work on in their homeschool.  

As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my
honest review. All opinions are mine.

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