Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 Days Of... Blog Hop! Day 4

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          I am back with you today with day 4 of the 5 Days Of... Blog Hop! from The TOS Crew! We are continuing on with our talk about campschooling. We are going to switch gears today and talk about kids and cooking at camp.
      My boys love to cook and cooking at camp is no exception. We like grilling, we like cooking in our camper and we love to cook over the campfire, using our pie irons. Have you ever had a hobo pie? You have not lived until you have.
      We have been searching Pinterest and beyond for some exciting camp worthy recipes. One of them we made a few weeks ago were Banana Boats, we expanded on the recipe in after we got done grilling the boats we dumped the contents out onto a dish of icecream and then topped it with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. YUMMY GOODNESS!
Last night we had Chicken Parm Burger Sliders on the Grill thanks to my son Alyx the Grill Master, you can find the recipe here, it was featured on The Chew for a Mother's Day special. They were so yummy we will definitely be making them again. The original recipe was not meant to be a slider sized burger that is where we made our own twist on it, Bite sized fun and tasty.
photo source: The Chew
The recipe we are trying tomorrow night is a sausage foil dinner from Pinterest. I am looking forward to this recipe, foil dinners are the best kind of dinners in my mind.
I will be sure to let you know how they turn out.

photo source: Pinterest

When we cook over the campfire we use our pie iron and make all kinds of delicious treats both savory and sweet. The boys love bacon, egg and swiss. I like traditional grilled cheese. We have also made pizza pockets and then our favorites dessert pies, so much better than hostess pies. We use all types of pie fillings for those and they are so yummy and on a cool evening they warm you right down to your toes. There are some great hobo pie recipes on this site. Our goal is to try them all at least once by the end of Summer.
What are your favorite camp recipes? Please share with us and we will let you know if we try them out.


Thanks for joining us and be sure to check out all of the other Crew members blogs on the cruise and stop back tomorrow for the last day of our journey, this has been so much fun sharing with all of you this week.


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Modest Mama said...

Yummy! This makes me long to go camping again soon.It is my dream to own a camper. We have five little ones and tent camping is so hard now. But we have no driveway and our home is street parking only. I can only imagine what the neighbors would think!