Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Days Of..... Blog Hop! Day 2

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  I am  back again to share with you Campschooling in our second day of the TOS Crew 5 Days Of.... Blog Hop!! 
    As I am writing this I am up at camp sitting in the peace and quiet as my children are asleep peacefully in my camper. Every Morning my Mom and I take our laptops and our morning beverage of choice up to our "Dome" which serves as our clubhouse hub of activities. Every morning we come to check our email and facebook and my blog, and then we head off to adult swim and water aerobics, while we are doing this the boys are waking up, gathering breakfast and getting ready for the day. Usually they meet us at the pool when adult swim ends to go for a swim.  Our indoor pool is in this building and also many of the indoor activities such as our crafts room, the ballroom where bingo and other activities is held and also the exercise room and video arcade. In the dome we also have a Movie theater for family movies, and there is an adult lounge, which has a peaceful adult only floor, 21 and over, where I often escape to blog.  There are little nooks in this adult lounge that have electric fireplaces and couches and comfy chairs perfect for blogging or curling up with a good book and reading. There is also a screen TV and pool and ping pong tables. It is often deserted up there during the day so it is perfect for a quiet escape. I want to thank you all for your great comments, here is a link to our campground association, we are at Lakeshore resort usually as it is the closest to home and has the most amenities, for those of you that are not really campers we have stocked cabins for rent as well.
       So as Promised I am here to talk about field trips while campschooling today. Now you may be asking why would you go camping and go on a field trip. While our campground has so many amenities, during the off peak times and colder months before Memorial weekend comes and on rainy days we are often looking for something interesting or fun to do. We often have our ears peeled, especially during adult swim as many come and use the facilities in the morning before work or their day begins that live close by in the area. These folks often know of some activities in the area that we may otherwise not know about. We take this opportunity to explore a whole other community and the resources it affords us. By this time of year we have grown tired of the field trip opportunities in our home area and so we take this time to refresh our minds and get out and learn in the community. My boys are hands on and visual learners and we take as many field trips as we can even if they may not pertain to what we are studying at the moment. If a field trip opportunity presents itself Seize it.
      In the last few weeks such opportunities have arose and we have grabbed life by the horns and went for some awesome rides. We had the pleasant opportunity to attend a local theater to see a program called "Not So Creepy Critters" this event was open to schools and homeschoolers. Myself with my Teacher ID from HSLDA got in Free and my Mom and and the boys were a mere $5 each. This was so much fun, even though I don't do critters at all especially the ones we saw, A hissing Cockroach, a Large Toad, A tarantula an alligator, and a boa constrictor.

    In the next town over we were told of an all day Free event called WILD Lapeer, this was held on a campus of the college in that town, the campus was breath taking but the event was more fun than I could have envisioned. There was a presentation of BATS from a Science museum that we go to back at home, demonstrations about wild rice and how the entire process from harvest to table happens, including the "strange" lady as my kids so nicely put it, she was eclectic to say the least. She danced on the rice to release them from the hulls. We as a family got to make a blue bird nesting box, this was a project put on by the 5th and 6th graders of a gifted school located on the campus. We learned about flyfishing and how to tie our own flies.We cracked open a geode, Taylor hand picked it himself, we were schooled in all the types of geodes and what beautiful creation from God that is beholden inside each one.

   There were alpacas, and "green" tables for helping conserve our resources, we planted flowers in pots, received tree saplings to plant back home and learned more about a CSA Farmers Market that we had actually stumbled up when we went to the theater, it was all organic and we loved it and bought the best muffins we have ever tasted and plan on returning there tomorrow, they are open Wednesdays and Sundays. We also tasted homemade ice cream that was churned before our very eyes and it was yummy, there were a few other events that were geared towards younger kids like a Super Hero academy which was a drama workshop and then the children put on a little skit, my boys were not amused. Days like that I wish my boys were still small. We finished off our day of fun filled learning experiences with homemade organic crepes from a local crepe company that was making them fresh to order on a special cart. The boys has bacon and swiss and and ham and swiss and I had a delicious Monte Cristo. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

   We are looking forward to more field trips soon as come Memorial Day many tourist attractions open for the season, such as Crossroads Village that has a Historic Steam Engine locomotive that you can go on rides, and then when you disembark you can visit the village which is a working historic village where there are blacksmiths and candlemakers and bread-smiths and much much more. The Boys cant wait. There is also a local wilderness wildlife refuge where you can get up close and personal with many animals but most of them are local to our state, they have a program where small groups can make interactive snacks at home  for the animals and then come take a tour with the zookeeper to see the animals enjoy and get some stimulation from the childrens projects, my boys want to work on a project that was listed on the website where you take ordinary string mops and tie fruit loops on and hide them through the mop for the monkeys to play and snack on.   So be sure to check back and see and hear about our upcoming experiences.


    Who knows what else the area has in store for us but we are excited to find out. I hope this has inpired you to pack your kids and head to camp and find some new exciting field trip experiences. Be sure to check out the other Blogs in the 5 Days of.... Blog Hop! in Day 2 of our journey and be sure to come back everyday to learn more.

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You lost me at the giant snake. Eek! But I love camping. There's just something amazing about being all together with my family without distraction. We look forward to it every year.