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Write with WORLD TOS Crew Review 2012

Pin It Now!    Writing is an integral part of middle school learning, and especially so for us as we verge on heading into the high school phase of homeschooling this coming Fall. Teaching with a Christian perspective is equally important to our family so I was pleased when  TOS Crew members were given the opportunity to review a brand new writing curriculum, Write with WORLD,  from the publisher's at God's World News and World Magazine.

    Write with WORLD is meant to be a 2 year comprehensive writing curriculum for middle school aged children, we received year one for our  review and I used the materials with my 7th and 8th grade boys.
Here is some information straight from the company...

Write with WORLD consists of:

  • Separate teacher/student books and online content for first and second years
  • Web site (Sept. 2011) for updated examples, writing prompts, published student work, and helpful teacher forum
  • Students will need their own notebook/journal to record their work

Teach writing with confidence, with the professionals from God's World News and WORLD magazine.

Write with WORLD is the middle school writing curriculum developed by education and media professionals. Use it to inspire and train your students to become proficient communicators who can meet educational requirements and navigate today's growing new media and conflicting worldviews.
Write with WORLD exposes students to:
  • reading and critical thinking that develop discernment
  • contemporary subjects and professional guidance to pique interest
  • flexible exercises to build confidence and skill for using today's new media
  • a thoughtful and meaningful Christian worldview
Click here to read the WORLD Magazine article about this new approach to teaching writing.

Your students learn to write with purpose.

Writing skills are commonly deficient among students entering college, but the problem and its fallout begin years earlier. Poor writing skills hurt a student's performance on exams and in courses requiring composition. For Christian students, poor communication hinders the believer's voice from influencing their social circle and, ultimately, the broader public square.
Christians in particular should try to be the best communicators. They possess the truth and need to articulate a biblical worldview. Just as important, today's students must be discriminating media consumers - able to read, hear, and watch what the world is saying and to recognize the truth.

  The Write with WORLD curriculum comes complete with the teacher and student texts. Year one contained 16 separate lessons divided into 4 distinct units. I personally love when text books are non-consumable, this way I can continue to use the curriculum with my younger students. So I was delighted to learn that this was true with this writing program as well. Since this is reusable each student will need their own notebook for their work. I just used a standard spiral bound notebook for this curriculum.

  Write with WORLD will teach your students comparative and critical reading, proper writing fundamentals, report and narrative writing, the ability to review, critique and give opinions about their writing as well as others. The teacher's text includes the full version of the student text as well as teacher helps and guidance, it also goes on to explain the methods of writing and the objectives of the curriculum. This teacher guide also includes evaluations for each concept that the students learn. So you will always know where your student stands in gaining knowledge of what they learning while using Write with WORLD.
     The curriculum not only teaches comprehensive writing material but also how to thoughtfully express themselves through verbal communication with peers and parents/teachers. Writing influences everything we learn in this world. This is why it is important to have a strong writing foundation early on but essential in the middle school into high school years. Studies show that students who have a strong writing foundation go on to have a higher success rate in both high school and college.

      My boys have always struggled with writing because of lacking fine motor skills, when they were in public school any writing assignment became a power struggle, I find that teaching writing at home my children have developed a love for writing because they can have the freedom to write about what ever they are passionate about. It is not always about the content but about the structure of writing itself. If a child is passionate about what they are writing about then they gain more from their learning, it is the same concept for reading as well.

   Using writing curriculum that has a Christian base to it, makes me more comfortable as a teacher, as I know that we are using quality materials and I do not have to worry about filtering the content on top of worrying about if I am teaching my children correctly. With the teacher's guide, Write with WORLD helped me along the way with their parent guidance so I did not have to feel as though I was not performing my duties correctly. I was also pleased to see that the texts offered multiple assignment choices so that I may customize the boys writing work to fit their individualized unique personality. This also helps with the process of writing when it is neither too hard or too easy for them to complete their assignments.

    Now onto the next important topic, How much does this all cost?? Well let me tell you. The full year one or year two curriculum retails for $95.00 for your choice of years, if you buy both years together you get a bundle discount for $165.00. Think about how much you spend on small writing curriculum that you have to purchase throughout the year and you will quickly realize this is not as much as it appears to be, also many writing programs are consumable so if you have children in line behind the one or ones you are buying for be prepared to purchase it again and again.

   The other unique thing about Write with WORLD is they have the supporting newspaper type subscriptions that go along with it to make writing more enjoyable and to keep the kids up to date on news that is important but also christian kid safe. I know growing up my teachers provided us with weekly readers and while we looked forward to them they did not always live up to a christian parents expectations. With God's World News you do not have to worry about screening through it to make sure it is safe for your kids to read, which makes more work for you and we all know we have plenty of work already. God's World News is available at a subscription price starting at $24.95 for pre-K  through 2nd grade and $27.95 for a 10 month school year subscription for 3rd grade through high school  and goes down in price depending on how many subscriptions you purchase. The great thing about it is there are subscriptions for all age ranges from pre-k through high school, providing age appropriate Christian content as you go along. My boys loved getting God's World News while using Write with WORLD. It really opened their eyes to a whole other concept for current events and writing. I think your kids will love it too.

    Don't just take my word for it, do your research and investigate what my fellow crew mates are saying about Write with WORLD. After you have come to your conclusion please head on over to Write with World and invest in your children's future, with a comprehensive writing curriculum, you know I am "write" so what are you waiting for.

P.S. Don't forget to pick up your subscriptions for God's World News while you are there.

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