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TruthQuest History "Beginnings" TOS Crew Review 2012

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   I want to teach my children about the Truth in History, this is one of the reasons that were on the top of my  list for why we wanted to begin homeschooling. In the public school there is so much politics about teaching about God and I love the freedom to be able to teach my children the way I want, with God in the forefront.
   TOS Crew has been given many opportunities to review curriculum with God at the center of teaching the materials. Recently we were given another such opportunity with TruthQuest History. Teaching History with the Truth of God's word.
   TruthQuest History is a comprehensive study guide that shares with children and parents how this world was created from God's point of view. Not Mankind's. Each Chronicle Guide is rich in literature based teaching with a Godly perspective, probing history with a love for God's way he created this world.
Your children will gain such a deep understanding for the Truth of our History that it will make them want to change their own world to make it more like God wanted it to be.
   We were given "Beginnings: Creation, Old Testament,Ancients,Egypt."
Here is what TruthQuest History has to say about their guide to "Beginnings"
  • Ah, the Grand Unveiling of human history…as the Lord God Almighty creates the cosmos, and then us…in His image! The Bible will tell us its story!
  • We will explore the thrilling plans God set into motion when He placed man and woman as His servants on this planet, and we will see those plans shape history. Your students will see that they are next in the chain of God's work on earth! We will also probe some of the great questions of life, such as why God allowed suffering to occur.
  • Our focus will be on God revealing Himself to the world through the Israelites and the writing of the Old Testament. We will then meet (and compare) neighboring civilizations which intersected with Israel, such as Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Hittites, Phoenicia, the Canaanites/Philistines, and proto-Greeks. We will even nod to the founding of Rome, but will study Greece and Rome in depth in the TruthQuest History guides dedicated to the deep exploration of those important civilizations.
  • Young earth or old earth? We have three simple answers. 1) Remember that in TruthQuest History: Beginnings we are watching God set His plans into motion on earth; we will be awed; we will tackle the biggest questions of life. 2) With that as our mission, we do not also emphasize the scientific issues of fossils, dating, geology, etc., but will assist you in seeking yourpreferred experts in those fields if you feel led to such study. 3) This guide seeks to exalt the inerrant Word of God as we dazzleyour children with the Lord's reality, splendor, rightness, omnipotence, and goodness. Families of varying persuasions on Earth's age can thus unite in enjoying these transcendent explorations!
  • Ideally for Grades 5-12, but younger siblings can participate. Includes book recommendations for all ages, where available. 
  • Available as printed book, or PDF eBook (immediate download).
  • Optional "companion resources" (lapbook, notebook, timeline) offered below.
  My boys fit smack in the middle of the recommended age range of 5-12th grades, they are in 7th and 8th. They really enjoyed learning about History from A Godly view verses the traditional worldly view. We took our time with this and have not quite finished it yet, we did 3 chapters a week. There are 88 chapters in total in this particular guide. With writing assignments segmented throughout the learning. This helped my children to write down their feelings about what they were learning. We designated a notebook to just our TruthQuest writings. I feel my children will go back and reread their thoughts over and over and I know I will cherish these notebooks for years to come. They are a true keepsake. Some things my boys have trouble conveying through spoken word, but when they write their true heart comes out and in working with TruthQuest many questions they have had on their mind were answered. I see it in their thoughts and writings and they are working on teaching their older brother who is still in Public school, where the worldview approach is taught.
  I often struggle with having one of my children learning the mainstream way while we work so hard to teach the Godly view to all of them. I know he struggles with what he knows is right in his heart and what he is being taught by his teachers at school. I think I may have him work with our TruthQuest History guide this Summer, and hopefully it will change his heart.

You can view a sample of the Beginning guide we reviewed, or view all of the other options there are available if you are studying a different point in time of our History. TruthQuest offers a great aide to help  in your choosing which study guide would be best suited for you and your children.  They offer help in deciding on a one year plan up to an 8 yr plan. The Beginning guide is available to purchase for PDF format $23.95 and print format for $29.95. All the guides range in price from PDF $19.95 up to $34.95 for the Print versions. They even offer PDF Only files that are great for lapbooking, notebooking and Map/timeline/report packages that will give your students a comprehensive learning adventure. They offer each of these separate starting at $13 and also offer each series in a bundle for a small savings.
 Please be sure to visit http://truthquesthistory.com/ to order your History Guides today!
    My kids love hands on learning, I think I may order the PDF enhancers to go along with the rest of our time we will spend on studying Beginnings. I think the kids will gain even more from their work if they have some hands on work to go along with it.
   All of us on the crew were able to choose which time period in history we wanted to teach our children so be sure to check out my fellow Crew Mates over at the TOS Crew Blog and see what everyone else has to say about their experience with TruthQuest History.

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