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Crypto Mind Benders Famous Quotations TOS Crew Review 2012

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         TOS Crew members were given the opportunity to review one of four items from The Critical Thinking Company, always up for a mind bending challenge the boys and I picked Crypto Mind Benders, Famous Quotations.
      The boys love brain teasers and mind bending puzzles so this was a wise choice right up their alley. I mean what kid doesn't like to crack secret codes? Encryption is a great way to teach kids deductive reasoning skills. These puzzles help to introduce students to Algebraic thinking and basic programming operations. Alyx plans to become an engineer of some sort and Taylor plans on going into computer programming or video game development when he grows up, I thought this was a genius way to get them on the pathway of thinking outside the box to solve a problem. This kind of thinking and problem solving will come in handy in the fields they plan on pursuing. Things are not always as they appear right? Definitely not! I enjoyed listening to them try to solve the puzzles and get the answers they were looking for and also some frustration when it was not solved the way they thought it was supposed to be. This book really had them thinking on their feet and putting their minds together to solve the puzzle. Two heads are supposed to be better than one, well sometimes anyway.
  This delightful book of mind bending problems sells for $10.99 and is geared for students in grades 3-12. My boys are in 7,8 and 10th and the 7th and 8th graders did find it extremely challenging and sometimes I thought they were going to pull their hair out. I have my doubts that most 3rd and 4th graders would find this that entertaining but each and every child is different. It is definitely great for a challenge and teaching children beneficial thinking and problem solving skills that will continue on with them through their adult life.
   Here is a peek inside the Crypto Mind Benders.
Info straight from The Critical Thinking Co.

Crypto Mind Benders® develop mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills that are vital to achieving academic and lifelong success. They are great for introducing students to encryption, algebraic thinking, and basic computer programming operations.

Crypto Mind Benders® compel students to break a secret code so they can identify a hidden joke or quotation. To break the code, students must apply logic and mathematical reasoning to 3 sets of clues. The challenge is getting all the information out of each clue! Once students break the code, they can solve the cryptogram by substituting the numbers with their corresponding code letters. The Quotations book familiarizes students with classic quotations from famous thinkers such as Albert Einstein, Voltaire, Socrates, and more! The Jokes edition familiarizes students with classic, goodhumored, jokes that both kids and adults enjoy.

Crypto Mind Benders® develop several of the deductive thinking skills taught in the award-winning Mind Benders® series without the use of word problems. This feature makes these thinking-rich activities easier to use with non-English speakers. The classic quotes and jokes also help ELL/ESL learners further understand the English language and culture. Perfect for school, home, and travel, they are popular as brain jump-start, extra credit, sponge, or reward activities. The exercises are also great for adult cognitive maintenance.

       The Critical Thinking Co. not only sells Crypto Mind Benders but many other thought provoking choices for a wide range of ages.There are popular choices like Inference Jones; BeginningMathematical Reasoning, Balance Math Teaches Algebra and so much more. Be sure to check out my fellow TOS Crewmates as many of them chose titles other than Crypto Mind Benders so this way you can get a taste of so much more of what The Critical Thinking Co. has to offer you and your children.

     The Critical Thinking Co. is the recipient of many awards that will make you feel at ease when making the choice to add them to your curriculum library. These accolades include...

More Than 100 National Award-Winners!
Shop Over 100 Award-Winning Titles!

For more than 50 years, our award-winning products have helped students of all ages and abilities achieve better grades and higher test scores with highly effective lessons that sharpen the mind as they teach standards-based reading, writing, mathematics, science, and history. We do not use drill and memorization or teach to the tests —we empower the mind! 

Core Curriculum Solutions
Preschool Academics

    While you are visiting The Critical Thinking Co. Website be sure to check out their latest sales you never know what you will find.

 “Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it 
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally 
and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance 
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Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amazing Science TOS Crew Review 2012

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  Do your kids love Science as much as mine do?? If so you need to keep reading, TOS Crew did it again and brought us a fabulous review opportunity from The Science and Math Website.  Amazing Science DVD Sets Volume 1 is a brand new product available from the folks at Science and Math.

     Hands on Science is always a huge hit at our house during Science class, when we received this two disk set in the mail the boys could not wait to pop them in and start watching and experimenting. These entertaining video Science tutorials are meant to keep kids interested and the experiments are easy enough to complete for even the beginner Scientist.  

    All of the experiments come with a supply list so that you can make sure you have all of your ingredients and materials on hand before you get started. Many of the items you will need you may already have on hand so you can get started right away.

  There are two disks in the set that are chock full of experiments so you will have lots to learn while incorporating them into your Science curriculum that you are already using in your homeschool studies.

Disk 1 Disk 2
1) Color Changing Milk 13) Floating Eggs
2) Egg in a Bottle 14) Keep Paper Dry Underwater
3) Exploring Air Pressure 15) Dry Ice Bubbles
4) Build a Lemon Battery 16) Balloon in a Candle Flame
5) Inverted Cup of Water 17) Ocean in a Bottle
6) Candle Suction Power 18) Build a Motor with Lights
7) Amazing Magnetic Force 19) Simple Lava Lamp
8 ) Lift an Ice Cube with String 20) Invisible Ink
9) Unburnable Money 21) Density Tower
10) Matchstick Speedboat 22) Soda Can Fizz
11) Reversing an Image with Water 23) Build a Motor #2

   My boys can not wait until Science class now that we have been using Amazing Science DVDs. We have even been able to take them with us camping this time around, so we can do some of the messier activities and experiments outside at the picnic table.
   Be sure to always use adult supervision when performing any Science experiments but especially when candles and flames and dry ice are concerned.

   So far my boys favorite experiment has been the building a motor with lights which is featured on Disk 2, number 18. We have not performed them in order we jumped around some to suit what we were working on in class at the time. The Amazing Science DVD courses are geared for kids in most all age groups. My boys are in middle school and they immensely enjoyed it but would be perfect for elementary and beginning of high school as well. The DVD sets sell for $19.95.They also have DVD courses for the older crowd that feature Physics and Chemistry.

  Here is some info shared by The folks at Science and Math...
The http://www.scienceandmath.com website shares this about their Amazing Science DVD set:
“Learn fundamental principles of science through Amazing Science Experiments! You’ll learn about electricity, magnetism, heat, temperature, pressure, surface tension, buoyancy, and much more.
For every demonstration, a complete materials list is given, and each experiment features multiple camera views so you can see exactly what happens. Most importantly, every concept is explained in a step-by-step fashion. You’ll not only be amazed – you’ll understand the science behind every experiment!” 

Not only do the Science and Math folks sell great interactive Science Curriculum but they also have interactive Math DVD courses starting at Basic Math skills all the way through Calculus.
  As always be sure to visit the TOS Crew Blog and see how my fellow crewmates and their kids enjoyed Amazing Science.

“Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally
and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance
with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the
Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Monday, April 23, 2012

God's Great Covenant TOS Crew Review 2012

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  Bible Study is the first subject we start with every morning, even on the weekends, I am always looking for help in teaching my kids about the Bible and the stories it holds within it's pages. The TOS Crew was given the opportunity to review God's Great Covenant from Classical Academic Press. This curriculum is geared to children grades 4th and up.

   In God’s Great Covenant, New Testament 1: A Bible Course for Children, students will follow the story of Jesus, the Messiah and King, as He is born and fulfills all God’s promises. But Jesus does not arrive as people expected. The people were looking for a mighty warrior to deliver them from the oppressive Roman government. Instead, He came as the suffering Savior, who would die as the sacrifice for sin and death. He was building a kingdom that was not of this world—it was the kingdom of God. He is the Son of Man, God’s Servant, the Messiah, and the Son of God. Each of the four units in this text emphasizes one of these names of Jesus. God’s Great Covenant, New Testament 1 teaches the Gospels to students in fourth grade and up, using stories, worksheets, memory verses, devotional guides, quizzes, and a little boy named Simon. In the introductions to the text, students will also learn about the historical, cultural, and geographical setting of the New Testament. This book is a most comprehensive and heartfelt study of the Gospels, and many parents and teachers will find themselves learning along with their students.

   God's Great Covenant Bible curriculum comes to you as a consumable student text and workbook, filled with pages that cover 4 units, with each unit covering 36 chapters. The chapters includes a Memory page, Story time, Review Worksheets, and a Quiz. Each chapter's end brings forth a Memory Passage section, Worksheets, Devotional Guide and final story to be used as a review.

    The Workbook is set up to work on a chapter a week and continue on until you complete the Unit and then move onto the next Unit and move forward with it's chapters. The Student guide has a companion Teacher's guide that is similar to the student one, except it has answer keys and places to jot down your own thoughts and notes to help with comprehension and teaching.

You can also purchase an MP3 download of an audio selection that includes the  recording of the Story Time section for each chapter read by Christopher Perrin. This audio download is over 3 hours in length and can be burned to a CD so that you can take it wherever you roam for your listening pleasure. We used the audio files in our car so when we were out doing errands and traveling on the way to camp we could listen to them. The boys enjoyed this aspect of the curriculum, we often listen to audio files like Adventures In Odyssey so this was a welcome addition to the course.
  The student workbook sells for $26.95 and the Teacher's version is available for $29.95 and don't forget the audio file download which can be purchased for $9.95. You may also choose to purchase the complete bundle for $56.95. This bundle includes everything you need for a successful study of the New Testament.  Classical Academic Press has also published God’s Great Covenant Old Testament 1 and 2 and God’s Great Covenant Old Testament Timeline and Map Set to help you teach the Bible to your children.
  You can preview a sample lesson while shopping on their website, sample views are a great way to guide you in making the right decisions for your family. This aides in choosing which volumes would be best for what you are currently studying and also help in making purchases for the future.
   Please be sure to stop by the TOS Crew blog and see what my fellow crewmates are saying about God's Great Covenant by Classical Academic Press.

“Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally
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with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the
Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Christian Kids Explore Science TOS Crew Review 2012

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   Back again with a curriculum find that fits in my boys favorite subject, Science! Homeschooling my kids has been such a blessing as I get to see the wonder and amazement and pure joy when they learn or study something they truly enjoy. Science is one of those things, as a kid Science was my least favorite subject. So when we started homeschooling I was a bit apprehensive about teaching a subject that I had no real interest in. How was I going to make learning fun if I though the subject was boring. Well have I been wrong in more ways than one, homeschooling has allowed me to make learning so much fun that I enjoy it sometimes more than my kids. Many things I learned in school I forgot over time, and I enjoy learning right along with them now. Science has quickly become one of my favorite subjects as well and it is because of companies like Bright Ideas Press, the publishers of Christian Kids Explore Science. What makes Science even better with homeschooling is when you can teach it from a Christian perspective with companies you can trust and this company just happens to be top of my list. 

  TOS Crew members were given the opportunity to pick a Science subject that their families would be interested in , the boys and I chose Physics. 

My boys and I had so much fun exploring the land of physics with Christian Kids Explore Science. With 30 easy to teach and understand lesson the boys and I dove deep into the land of matter and energy. Learning together along the way with a Christian point of view. Beholding the wonders of Creation with CKE.
You can view sample lessons to see which book would be the best fit for you and your kids or just to see more what it is like. I love companies that let you sample before you buy, that way there is no surprises and you can be sure you are buying what you want. The boys and I have been doing 2 lessons a week and will continue on with the rest of the book with the remaining lessons being completed during our Summer down time where we only do fun learning activities just to keep in the groove of school. So when it is time to hit the books in the Fall we are not reluctant to get started.
My boys want me to order the CKE Chemistry for the Fall, even though it is geared for kids 4-8 I think it will work for us for the beginning of the year with Taylor in 8th and Alyx in 9th. That is another great plus to homeschooling choosing curriculum based on interest and what works for each child's ability not just what grade they are in. 

Christian Kids Explore Physics is a fun interactive book that now comes along with a Resource CD. They sell for $39.95 for the new and improved 2nd Edition. There are other titles to choose from as well like CKE Chemistry. Both the Physics and Chemistry are geared for kids in grades 4-8. If these titles seem to old for your kids you could check out the books that are for younger students such as, Biology and Earth & Space. They run $34.95 and Resource CDs can be purchased separately as well. The Resource CDs come with printable material that correlates with the book. The brand-new CD includes Daily Lesson Plans, Materials Lists, Bonus Literature Study Guide, and All Reproducibles, such as:
  • Coloring Pages
  • Unit Reviews
  • Follow-Up Questions for each lesson
  • Activity Charts
Be sure to check out the sales that Bright Ideas Press has going on right now for the older versions of certain books. Also make sure to head over to the TOS Crew blog and see what everyone is saying about Bright Ideas Press, Christian Kids Explore Science and the topic they chose to review.  Bright Ideas Press not only sells great Christian Science but other subjects as well, like composers and geography, and literature and a neat thing called Wondermaps, so don't miss out check them all out today. 

 “Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally
and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance
with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the
Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Monday, April 16, 2012

AIMS Education Foundation TOS Crew Review 2012

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 Back with another review item from AIMS Education Foundation. I love that AIMS is a non- profit company, yes you heard me right, they believe in educating children more than making a profit. How cool is that!

Here is some info about the company 

About AIMS

AIMS is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping teachers give students a solid conceptual understanding of math and science.

Who We AreFresno Pacific University

In 1981, 80 elementary and middle school teachers who shared the dream of giving students a strong hands-on foundation in math and science came together at Fresno Pacific and wrote the first AIMS’ activity books. Teachers loved them! Students learned more, learned in greater depth, and enjoyed learning. The word spread, and soon teachers across the nation were using AIMS to engage their students in hands-on learning.
Today, with pacing guides to follow and testing schedules to meet, teachers have less freedom to take advantage of teachable moments. Yet hands-on experiences are needed more than ever! So AIMS remains dedicated to producing math and science materials that will engage students and build conceptual understanding.
As a non-profit foundation, we are motivated by a passion for teaching and learning, not by profit. Our home is still on the campus of
Fresno Pacific University. We are committed to doing what’s best for students, and we never tire of helping them experience the joy of learning. Join us!

   You can also read about the story of AIMS and how it came to be as told by the founder by clicking here.

   It's Spring around here, and with that comes camping season, we tend to tote school with us up to camp but do try to make it was easy on us as possible. Workbooks are definitely a plus in relation to our bulky text books. So when given the opportunity to review a Math workbook from AIMS as part of being on the TOS Crew I jumped at the chance.
We were sent Looking at Lines, geared towards 6-9 graders and is in the Algebraic Thinking Series. Algebra has been something the boys have really had to work at this year so I was glad that we could use this workbook to deepen their strength of Algebraic skills.

 This workbook made learning lines and linear functions fun by using things the kids would find interesting and funny. For instance Dolphins and Candy. The book is not small by any standards it is about an inch thick and comes with a CD rom that can be used to access printable pages. This is an added benefit for those of us that like to use our book over and over. I am a little bit OCD when it comes to letting the kids write in the actual books we use. My kids tell me I have issues when it comes to our school supplies. Oh well I guess I could have worse issues. In all there are 300 pages of learning and resources in this Math book. This particular book retails for $24.95 with the CD or the same price for PDF download version. You also have the ability to purchase hands on manipulatives that go along with the books right from their website.

   In the AIMS Webstore you will find many available resources for Math and Science including not only workbooks, but lab kits and activities that will keep your students engaged and help them learn and retain the information.
   My boys have truly enjoyed learning with the help of AIMS. Be sure to check out what books my fellow crewmates reviewed since we all were able to choose which book we wanted to use with our families, especially if Looking at Lines is not the one for you at this point in your journey. There is bound to be something for everyone as they provide curriculum for ages Kindergarten through High School. You can also take a peek at free samples from their selection of learning books so be sure to take that opportunity.

“Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally
and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance
with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the
Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Friday, April 13, 2012

Write with WORLD TOS Crew Review 2012

Pin It Now!    Writing is an integral part of middle school learning, and especially so for us as we verge on heading into the high school phase of homeschooling this coming Fall. Teaching with a Christian perspective is equally important to our family so I was pleased when  TOS Crew members were given the opportunity to review a brand new writing curriculum, Write with WORLD,  from the publisher's at God's World News and World Magazine.

    Write with WORLD is meant to be a 2 year comprehensive writing curriculum for middle school aged children, we received year one for our  review and I used the materials with my 7th and 8th grade boys.
Here is some information straight from the company...

Write with WORLD consists of:

  • Separate teacher/student books and online content for first and second years
  • Web site (Sept. 2011) for updated examples, writing prompts, published student work, and helpful teacher forum
  • Students will need their own notebook/journal to record their work

Teach writing with confidence, with the professionals from God's World News and WORLD magazine.

Write with WORLD is the middle school writing curriculum developed by education and media professionals. Use it to inspire and train your students to become proficient communicators who can meet educational requirements and navigate today's growing new media and conflicting worldviews.
Write with WORLD exposes students to:
  • reading and critical thinking that develop discernment
  • contemporary subjects and professional guidance to pique interest
  • flexible exercises to build confidence and skill for using today's new media
  • a thoughtful and meaningful Christian worldview
Click here to read the WORLD Magazine article about this new approach to teaching writing.

Your students learn to write with purpose.

Writing skills are commonly deficient among students entering college, but the problem and its fallout begin years earlier. Poor writing skills hurt a student's performance on exams and in courses requiring composition. For Christian students, poor communication hinders the believer's voice from influencing their social circle and, ultimately, the broader public square.
Christians in particular should try to be the best communicators. They possess the truth and need to articulate a biblical worldview. Just as important, today's students must be discriminating media consumers - able to read, hear, and watch what the world is saying and to recognize the truth.

  The Write with WORLD curriculum comes complete with the teacher and student texts. Year one contained 16 separate lessons divided into 4 distinct units. I personally love when text books are non-consumable, this way I can continue to use the curriculum with my younger students. So I was delighted to learn that this was true with this writing program as well. Since this is reusable each student will need their own notebook for their work. I just used a standard spiral bound notebook for this curriculum.

  Write with WORLD will teach your students comparative and critical reading, proper writing fundamentals, report and narrative writing, the ability to review, critique and give opinions about their writing as well as others. The teacher's text includes the full version of the student text as well as teacher helps and guidance, it also goes on to explain the methods of writing and the objectives of the curriculum. This teacher guide also includes evaluations for each concept that the students learn. So you will always know where your student stands in gaining knowledge of what they learning while using Write with WORLD.
     The curriculum not only teaches comprehensive writing material but also how to thoughtfully express themselves through verbal communication with peers and parents/teachers. Writing influences everything we learn in this world. This is why it is important to have a strong writing foundation early on but essential in the middle school into high school years. Studies show that students who have a strong writing foundation go on to have a higher success rate in both high school and college.

      My boys have always struggled with writing because of lacking fine motor skills, when they were in public school any writing assignment became a power struggle, I find that teaching writing at home my children have developed a love for writing because they can have the freedom to write about what ever they are passionate about. It is not always about the content but about the structure of writing itself. If a child is passionate about what they are writing about then they gain more from their learning, it is the same concept for reading as well.

   Using writing curriculum that has a Christian base to it, makes me more comfortable as a teacher, as I know that we are using quality materials and I do not have to worry about filtering the content on top of worrying about if I am teaching my children correctly. With the teacher's guide, Write with WORLD helped me along the way with their parent guidance so I did not have to feel as though I was not performing my duties correctly. I was also pleased to see that the texts offered multiple assignment choices so that I may customize the boys writing work to fit their individualized unique personality. This also helps with the process of writing when it is neither too hard or too easy for them to complete their assignments.

    Now onto the next important topic, How much does this all cost?? Well let me tell you. The full year one or year two curriculum retails for $95.00 for your choice of years, if you buy both years together you get a bundle discount for $165.00. Think about how much you spend on small writing curriculum that you have to purchase throughout the year and you will quickly realize this is not as much as it appears to be, also many writing programs are consumable so if you have children in line behind the one or ones you are buying for be prepared to purchase it again and again.

   The other unique thing about Write with WORLD is they have the supporting newspaper type subscriptions that go along with it to make writing more enjoyable and to keep the kids up to date on news that is important but also christian kid safe. I know growing up my teachers provided us with weekly readers and while we looked forward to them they did not always live up to a christian parents expectations. With God's World News you do not have to worry about screening through it to make sure it is safe for your kids to read, which makes more work for you and we all know we have plenty of work already. God's World News is available at a subscription price starting at $24.95 for pre-K  through 2nd grade and $27.95 for a 10 month school year subscription for 3rd grade through high school  and goes down in price depending on how many subscriptions you purchase. The great thing about it is there are subscriptions for all age ranges from pre-k through high school, providing age appropriate Christian content as you go along. My boys loved getting God's World News while using Write with WORLD. It really opened their eyes to a whole other concept for current events and writing. I think your kids will love it too.

    Don't just take my word for it, do your research and investigate what my fellow crew mates are saying about Write with WORLD. After you have come to your conclusion please head on over to Write with World and invest in your children's future, with a comprehensive writing curriculum, you know I am "write" so what are you waiting for.

P.S. Don't forget to pick up your subscriptions for God's World News while you are there.

DISCLAIMER: “Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally
and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance
with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the
Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TruthQuest History "Beginnings" TOS Crew Review 2012

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   I want to teach my children about the Truth in History, this is one of the reasons that were on the top of my  list for why we wanted to begin homeschooling. In the public school there is so much politics about teaching about God and I love the freedom to be able to teach my children the way I want, with God in the forefront.
   TOS Crew has been given many opportunities to review curriculum with God at the center of teaching the materials. Recently we were given another such opportunity with TruthQuest History. Teaching History with the Truth of God's word.
   TruthQuest History is a comprehensive study guide that shares with children and parents how this world was created from God's point of view. Not Mankind's. Each Chronicle Guide is rich in literature based teaching with a Godly perspective, probing history with a love for God's way he created this world.
Your children will gain such a deep understanding for the Truth of our History that it will make them want to change their own world to make it more like God wanted it to be.
   We were given "Beginnings: Creation, Old Testament,Ancients,Egypt."
Here is what TruthQuest History has to say about their guide to "Beginnings"
  • Ah, the Grand Unveiling of human history…as the Lord God Almighty creates the cosmos, and then us…in His image! The Bible will tell us its story!
  • We will explore the thrilling plans God set into motion when He placed man and woman as His servants on this planet, and we will see those plans shape history. Your students will see that they are next in the chain of God's work on earth! We will also probe some of the great questions of life, such as why God allowed suffering to occur.
  • Our focus will be on God revealing Himself to the world through the Israelites and the writing of the Old Testament. We will then meet (and compare) neighboring civilizations which intersected with Israel, such as Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Hittites, Phoenicia, the Canaanites/Philistines, and proto-Greeks. We will even nod to the founding of Rome, but will study Greece and Rome in depth in the TruthQuest History guides dedicated to the deep exploration of those important civilizations.
  • Young earth or old earth? We have three simple answers. 1) Remember that in TruthQuest History: Beginnings we are watching God set His plans into motion on earth; we will be awed; we will tackle the biggest questions of life. 2) With that as our mission, we do not also emphasize the scientific issues of fossils, dating, geology, etc., but will assist you in seeking yourpreferred experts in those fields if you feel led to such study. 3) This guide seeks to exalt the inerrant Word of God as we dazzleyour children with the Lord's reality, splendor, rightness, omnipotence, and goodness. Families of varying persuasions on Earth's age can thus unite in enjoying these transcendent explorations!
  • Ideally for Grades 5-12, but younger siblings can participate. Includes book recommendations for all ages, where available. 
  • Available as printed book, or PDF eBook (immediate download).
  • Optional "companion resources" (lapbook, notebook, timeline) offered below.
  My boys fit smack in the middle of the recommended age range of 5-12th grades, they are in 7th and 8th. They really enjoyed learning about History from A Godly view verses the traditional worldly view. We took our time with this and have not quite finished it yet, we did 3 chapters a week. There are 88 chapters in total in this particular guide. With writing assignments segmented throughout the learning. This helped my children to write down their feelings about what they were learning. We designated a notebook to just our TruthQuest writings. I feel my children will go back and reread their thoughts over and over and I know I will cherish these notebooks for years to come. They are a true keepsake. Some things my boys have trouble conveying through spoken word, but when they write their true heart comes out and in working with TruthQuest many questions they have had on their mind were answered. I see it in their thoughts and writings and they are working on teaching their older brother who is still in Public school, where the worldview approach is taught.
  I often struggle with having one of my children learning the mainstream way while we work so hard to teach the Godly view to all of them. I know he struggles with what he knows is right in his heart and what he is being taught by his teachers at school. I think I may have him work with our TruthQuest History guide this Summer, and hopefully it will change his heart.

You can view a sample of the Beginning guide we reviewed, or view all of the other options there are available if you are studying a different point in time of our History. TruthQuest offers a great aide to help  in your choosing which study guide would be best suited for you and your children.  They offer help in deciding on a one year plan up to an 8 yr plan. The Beginning guide is available to purchase for PDF format $23.95 and print format for $29.95. All the guides range in price from PDF $19.95 up to $34.95 for the Print versions. They even offer PDF Only files that are great for lapbooking, notebooking and Map/timeline/report packages that will give your students a comprehensive learning adventure. They offer each of these separate starting at $13 and also offer each series in a bundle for a small savings.
 Please be sure to visit http://truthquesthistory.com/ to order your History Guides today!
    My kids love hands on learning, I think I may order the PDF enhancers to go along with the rest of our time we will spend on studying Beginnings. I think the kids will gain even more from their work if they have some hands on work to go along with it.
   All of us on the crew were able to choose which time period in history we wanted to teach our children so be sure to check out my fellow Crew Mates over at the TOS Crew Blog and see what everyone else has to say about their experience with TruthQuest History.

“Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it 
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally 
and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance 
with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the 
Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”