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Action Alert TOS Crew Review 2012

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 With modern technology comes learning opportunities that seem endless, but along with those opportunities comes a potential for our kids to be faced with harmful and objectionable materials. Especially while on the computer and surfing the Internet. With 3 tween/teen boys this is one of the things that sits on my mind most. We are a technology driven family, we have several computers, we all have I Phones and we have a Kindle Fire.
  So my boys have the opportunity to surf the web often. They are good boys and I do not worry as much about them doing something on purpose that would not be appropriate but accidental discovery can happen. We were given the opportunity through the TOS Crew to review a computer protection program called Action Alert. While we have been blessed to review some great curriculum it was a blessing to receive a program that would protect my children while on the Internet, whether for play or researching for school.

   Years ago when my oldest son first entered Middle School in the Public School system, I remember quite vividly an ordeal we were faced with. Another student passed out slips of paper to all the kids in the band, boasting about an awesome game he found on the web. Now we had safe guards on our Internet and thought our children were going to be protected from what was about to occur, but we were wrong. You see this slip of paper did not contain a gaming website but instead a link straight to a website full of nudity and videos of sexual acts. When Nick told us about this he was so embarrassed and after checking it out for myself I was mortified. This led to me having to phone all of the people I could think of whose children may have gotten access to this site as well as a lengthy talk with the school.

  Another memory that happened right in front of my eyes was when my then 7 yr old youngest son was playing on Webkinz. Now you may think what could possibly go wrong on Webkinz? Well let me tell you what happens when you mistype just one letter, change that Z into a K and think about what you may find, it was downright disturbing let me tell you. I attended an Internet safety meeting shortly after these 2 incidents happened and was told by a sheriff in the Internet crimes department that online predators purposefully create their sites with children in mind. This thought sickens me to this day, he told me they take a popular children/teen site and they change one or so letters that could be found by a common mistype error and bam they have your children watching things nobody should be seeing. Action Alert has a whole page on their website that explains Internet Dangers and the other dangers that come with computer usage.

   Why am I telling you all of this, well I am glad you asked. There is help out there to protect our children and keep them pure. This help is called Action Alert, a computer safety program that can help keep your family safe from these online predators.  The downloadable software offers 8 tools to help promote online safety.
Action Alert keeps in pace with today's world, with such benefits as sending messages straight your mobile phone if someone comes across objectionable materials, for instance when you are away from home. With this notification you can shut down your computer remotely right on the spot. You can also set up keystroke logging, so you can see what your family is doing with the computer both online and off. Activity Video recording allows you to watch up to 60 hours of PC activity. You can also set daily allowances setting limits on how much and how often the computer is used by each member of the family. I know in our house computer time is earned and this came in very handy.  Get email alerts about the activity that has been happening on your computer. The best part Content Filtering, making sure that when your family is surfing the net it is only approved content they are seeing and using. Another useful tool especially with teens is the chat and email logging tool.This allows you to log both sides of the conversation, if you have teens that like to push the envelope in this department as I have heard from many parents, they cannot hide parts of the conversation.
Now this all sounds wonderful but how much does it cost? I am sure that is the number one question on your mind. Well it is not in the hundreds of dollars like you may be thinking. Action Alert has two pricing options and one of them is FREE! Yes you read that right FREE. Now there is a paid option and that is the version I got to review, but it is only $29.99 and with that you get many upgrades that the Free version does not come with. The nice thing is you can start with the Free version to test it out and see if it is a good fit for your family and then upgrade it to the Full Paid version without any difficulty.
The Paid Maximum Protection from Action Alert includes the following options that the Free version does not. Multiple User Protection, Fully Customizable, and Full Social Network Monitoring, these are key components in making sure your family is the safest possible and for only $29.99, it is a small price to pay.
I did have one small issue while using the program, when I was using the computer and I believe I was putting some orders for my business in online, Action Alert disabled my computer for no known reason, but I was happy to learn that with my online password for Action Alert that I created it was an easy fix and in only a few minutes I was back to my work. The first time it happened I panicked but after researching a solution learned it was no problem at all. I just want you to know this so if you do choose to go with Action Alert you will know what to do if this small problem happens to you.

Action Alert has been featured on the Today's Show on NBC and also has one a few accolades from different organizations such as, Disney's iParenting Award. Action Alert has also won the Safe Family Seal of Approval.

Please be sure to stop by Action Alert today and at least download the FREE version of the program if you are not completely convinced to purchase the Maximum Protection, I am confident after giving it a try you will make the choice to protect your family to the max with the Full Paid Version, if it would help you make a more informed decision please stop by the other TOS Crew blogs and see how they felt Action Alert protected their family. What are you waiting for??

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