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See-N-Spell TOS Crew Review

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    Does reading come hard to your kids like it sometimes does to mine? Don't get me wrong my kids are actually very proficient readers and spellers, but sometimes due to their disabilities all the words seem to jumble together and a page in a book looks like an overwhelming mass of ink. We often go back to basics just to refresh their reading and spelling skills. Makes it a little less frustrating for both of them. Recently I was offered the opportunity as part of the TOS Crew to review, See-N-Spell a 40 pg. workbook that comes with a handy reading tool, this product is from See-N-Read.

  See-N-Read products were developed by Dr. Sylvia R. Smith for her own children when they were struggling to read. They are now used by their oldest daughter who is an Elementary Teacher, with her students who she often sees struggling to comprehend reading and spelling.

   See-N-Spell is a learning guide developed to teach students how to improve their spelling and build up  their vocabulary.

The See-N-Spell™ Spelling and Vocabulary Quick Reference Guide design alphabetically lists the 300+ most common vocabulary words and the most commonly misspelled words in the (American) English language to help writers to correctly and confidently compose written work. It can be used by writers of any age as an "at-a-glance" resource for correct spelling and language function of the most common words used in daily communication.

   My son Taylor was the one most in need of some tools that would help him be a better comprehensive reader. He sometimes reads but does not retain and comprehend what he is reading because it all looks like a blob on the page to him. The handy tool that came with our book was the answer to my prayers as his Mother/Teacher. The tool takes the reading material and shades out the parts you are not reading and just highlights the line you are working on by having it show through the little window.This allows the reader to focus on just the line they need to read one line at a time. An asset to all readers but especially those struggling or who have learning disabilities. This tool has helped Taylor become more confident as a reader and express the desire to read more on his own.

   The booklet from See-N-Spell ...$9.99 with a free Reading tool.
Easily find the correct spelling of 300+ commonly used American English words

just by knowing the sound of the first letter or first few letters
Identify the correct spelling and usage of 'sound-alike' words (homophones)

Quickly determine the correct spelling of commonly misspelled words

Verify the correct usage of these words

It's fast and easy to use since it is divided into three alphabetized sections:

1.Most Commonly Used Vocabulary Words

2.Commonly Misspelled Words

3.My Special Interest Words

   The booklet was easy to work with and enjoyable for the boys to use on a daily basis, some spelling programs in the past were a headache to work with as the boys did not "get" them or enjoy them and we often struggled to complete the work. This is not the case with See-N-Spell.

With just 40-pages in the See-N-Spell™ booklet, users can simply flip to the page showing the first letter (a,b,c, etc.) of the word, then scan down the page and copy the correct spelling.

See-N-Spell™ is not intimidating and is easy-to-use.

  Using the workbook along with the Reading tool was a beneficial combination and it sure did the trick. See-N-Read offers many other products and tools that are fit for readers and students of all ages from beginning to read all the way through college and even adulthood. I can see the reading tools being great for the overwhelming college textbooks for my older son who will be off to college in a couple years. They would also benefit my Husband and Mother who both have limited sight as it would help them focus on the words they are reading at any particular moment.  There is even an E-See-N-Read that is for computer reading. You can download a FREE 7 day trial of the E-Version to try it out and if you like it you can purchase it for $29.99.
They have truly thought of everything to help make all readers successful. Reading tools start at only $2.99 and go up from there, they are available in single packs or multi packs for families and classrooms. There are packs for everyone.
 All products are Made in the USA and have been classroom tested...

Research-Based Design is Classroom Tested

Practical design is based on extensive research in the fields of reading, dyslexia, ophthalmology and visual and cognitive processing.
 SEE: Helps readers to concentrate on and track text with their eyes to smoothly move between words even when changing lines, increasing their fluency and comprehension.

FOCUS: The clear reading window helps readers control their field of vision and focus on each line of text. The tinted transparent area around the clear window allows readers to move smoothly to the next line without stopping, enables them to re-read without losing their place and reduces distractions on the page.

REMEMBER: Improved control of field of vision helps readers concentrate on content instead of using mental energy tracking location of words on the page.

  If you have struggling readers, or maybe children just beginning to reach that milestone of beginning to read, be sure to check out all of the products offered by See-N-Read. You have nothing to lose except the struggle and I am sure you will not miss that at all.
 Head over to the Crew Blog and see what my fellow Crewmates have to say about their experience with See-N-Read.

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