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Imaginative Play for All Ages TOYDLE TOS Crew Review

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   In my mind there is nothing that tops good old fashion fun that centers around imaginative play. I posted a preview "commercial" post about Toydle back a month or so ago as part of the contest that the TOS Crew was running.  I  am back as promised with a full fledged review. I honestly do not know where to start except by saying Toydle Rocks!! My boys were so blessed with this review opportunity and it has brought so much fun into our home that I cannot say enough about it. My boys are 12, 13 and 15, and let's just say who ever said this kind of stuff is for little kids has never played with a Toydle Fort.  I have even enjoyed the creativity that comes with designing different types of forts. The possibilities truly are endless.

Here are some specs from the company and then I will get back to gushing about Toydle Forts.

The Toydle Story

Toydle is the brain child of Robert Brownfield. Rob—president of Worry-Free Manufacturing in Boise, Idaho—has been making quality products for years. He is also the father of two fraternal twins, Ike and Molly. (Their pictures adorn our website.) Like all good fathers who refuse to (fully) grow-up, he loves toys, and he loves to give toys to his kids.

  Problem is, as you’re fully aware, good toys are hard to find—real, high-quality, long-lasting toys. Frankly, most toys are only slightly better than junk.  Awhile back Rob brought home a toy for his son. Within five minutes it had met its fate on the driveway concrete. Busted. Worthless. And only five minutes old! While stewing on this reality Rob thought, “This is dumb! I can build better stuff than this. I do build better stuff than this!”
And so The Toydle Dream was born.

 The imaginative play is not where it stops that is for sure, let's add the Unconditional Warranty and that their Fort Kits are Made in the USA and this company is just at the top of my list for family friendly.

American Made/Unconditional Guarantee

Toydle Forts are made in the USA—in Boise, Idaho. Each tube is cut, each wood block is hand-shaped by an American worker. We believe that with a little American ingenuity we can make products better and more cost-effective than sending the work overseas. We believe that we can win jobs back for our workers and our economy. We practice it every day!

  And we guarantee every Toydle product—we will replace any product or piece thereof that fails for any reason, even if your little critters leave a block out in the rain, or try to do pull-ups with a tube. The quality of our products speak for themselves.

    Unconditional warranties are huge on my priority lists when it comes to buying anything for my boys and always has been. If you are a Mom of boys then you know what I am talking about. Boys are rough as I am sure girls can be too. What makes my situation a little different is my two boys with Autism, they are extra rough and do not always know their own strength. So far so good on the Toydle front but it helps to know that if something happens, help is always just a phone call away to help fix things up.

   We spent the whole day making forts and taking them down and rebuilding them another way, the day ours arrived. I had planned to wait to give this to them for Christmas but I was just too excited to see what they would think. They even turned my bed into a giant fort. It was so much fun to see them work together and problem solve. This has always been harder for them than most kids but they are getting better.
   We have made a small fort that we keep up all the time as a "safe haven" for when the boys need to escape away from the world. Some times with Autism kids get sensory overload and they need a small, safe place to get away and we have been able to do that thanks to our Toydle Fort. There are pillows and blankets in there and a couple of books. Anytime they want to get away or need to calm down that is where you will find them now. The neat thing is even though we have that one always put together we still have enough pieces left over to be creative and build new things. The boys are already talking about taking this with us camping this summer to build a little shelter from the sun. They are always talking about what to do next with the Toydle Fort Kit.

  We were fortunate to receive the Big Toydle Fort which retails for $229.99 with over 90 sq ft of fort materials. They do have The Toydle Fort with half of the supplies and also half of the real estate for only $149.99.  Each fort comes in a handy canvas duffel that zips shut. They do come in random colors, which is the only downside as with all boys I would have rather had a choice in colors as my boys were not too thrilled with the purple bag we got. Honestly though that was the only negative thing besides the price. Now this might seem pricey to some but remember there is an unconditional warranty. Unlike cheaper toys that break and then they turn to Garbage. Also this opens the door to endless hours of fun.
  No batteries required and all you need to add is imagination and some material or bed sheets for days and days of fun. I am sure you could think of someone that would love to play and "escape" away in a Toydle Fort.

  Be sure to check out the creative ways my fellow TOS Crewmates came up with for their Toydle Forts.

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